August 26th, 2019

Milne is the One


Do you think Shumlin deserves another term as our governor? His mercenary, fast talking property purchase is highly irregular. He offered $68,000 for a house and seventeen acres appraised at $200,000, all on the back of a business sized envelope, to a man with a speech impediment. The only thing that stopped the deal from going through was the victim’s children taking it to the media.

This is below the dignity of the governorship. I don’t care how many floods he can try to fall back on in his TV ads.

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. A character flaw. This affects Shumlin’s credibility, his public trust and respect. He insults our intelligence.

We can do better. Scott Milne will be a breath of fresh air. Scott Milne is a successful businessman, honest and sincere, and of high character. He is aware of the problem of high education taxes, high property taxes, and job opportunities needed for growth in the present and for the future. Scott Milne is a man of integrity, intelligence and transparency, bringing respectability back to the office of the governor of the State of Vermont.

Letitia H. Rydjeski


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