July 19th, 2019

Max’s View on “Captain Phillips” Lacked Research




I sometimes find myself agreeing wholehearted, and sometimes disagreeing vehemently, with Max’s movie reviews. I’ll say this, though, they are always entertaining, offering readers a inimitable perspective on film, usually with some unique social commentary thrown in.


I usually read Max’s review, good or bad, then shrug it off. But I have to retort to the review of “Captain Phillips.” Best film of the year, probably not, but to give it a mediocre review because two Vermont scenes feel unrealistic is, well, unrealistic.


Max cites the scene of the drive to the Burlington airport as being on a four, rather than two, lane I-89. Really, is that critical enough of a detail that the remainder of the film’s veracity becomes questionable? I hate to tell you this, Max, but that was the Worcester, MA, airport masquerading as BTV, so those likely were not even Vermonters in the scene. Oh, the dishonesty!


Max also faults Tom Hanks’ “Boston accent.” As any Vermonter who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past two years knows, the real Richard Phillips grew up in eastern Massachusetts and has an unmistakably thick “Boston accent.”


Max, before casing aspersions about the director’s lack of research, maybe do some of your own.


James “Buzz” Surwilo



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