September 23rd, 2019


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The Jihadist Next Door
The most important year in European history was 732.

A century before, Mohammed had founded Islam. In just a couple of generations, the conquering armies of Islam had profoundly changed the map of the world. Mohammed’s successors controlled an unbroken empire stretching from Northern India to Morocco.

In 711, North African Moors – led by General Abd al-Rahman – attacked Spain. They subjugated the Christian Visigoth barbarians with ease. Inevitably, the Muslim army crossed the Pyrenees and attacked an even more backward barbarian tribe called the Franks.

The Battle of Tours (732) was the greatest upset in Medieval history. The question wasn’t whether the undefeated Abd al-Rahman would triumph, but how badly the Christians would be slaughtered.

But amazingly, the Christian Franks – led by Charles Martel – stopped the Moors in their tracks. Western Europe would remain Christian for another 1300 years.

The second most important year in European history was 1985. By signing the Schengen Agreement, a group of myopic, greedy globalists undid the work of Charles Martel. The borders of Western Europe came down.

“The Jihadi Next Door” explores the new world that intolerant Islamists and idiot internationalists unleashed upon us. The documentary introduces us to some British men who are far from English, living in a new Europe that feels far from Christendom.

The most memorable Jihadi is Abu Rumaysah, a Hindu-born convert who moved to The Islamic State soon after the documentary was shot. He calmly explains what life will be like in Europe after Sharia Law is enacted. Abu speaks fondly of a happy future where adulterers are stoned to death in public and gay men are thrown off the roof.

His words are ghastly but unsurprising. The way he speaks them is the really interesting part. Abu Rumaysah is a normal-sounding British guy. He and his buddies sound like a pack of average blokes. Instead of drinking beer and watching soccer, though, they eat Middle Eastern take-out and watch ISIS execution videos on YouTube.

Abu is not an immigrant. He is the new face of Britain. It is not inconceivable that he is right when he predicts that the Islamic State flag will eventually fly over 10 Downing Street.

When we see Abu Rumaysah take to the streets with his provocative demonstrations, it feels like the Sharia Law takeover is pretty far away. He gets a solidly negative reaction. However, it also feels like the united Christian Europe that Charles Martel fought for is even further away.

The people who angrily fight back at Abu aren’t English people, they are fellow Muslims. Abu gets into shouting matches with Pakistanis, Kurds, Shiites, and kufaars (non-practicing Muslims).

The tide of battle has finally turned. After 1300 years, the Muslim forces of General Abd al-Rahman have begun to overwhelm Christendom.

Next time you hear Populists talk about the virtue of borders, please don’t dismiss them as racists. They are the successors of Charles Martel: fighting against all odds to save our world.

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