August 17th, 2019

Max’s View

On “South Park,” there are new characters this season called ‘Memberberries.”

‘Memberberries are little talking grapes that sit on the vine all day, reminiscing gleefully about the things that they remember from their youth.

“’member Captain Kirk?” “‘member Chewbacca?” “Ooh, I remember!”

People eat the ‘Memberberries and become addicted to the mind-numbing nostalgia.

Every once in a while, the ‘Memberberries remember other aspects about the past. “’member Reagan?” “’member when marriage was just between a man and a woman?” “’member when there weren’t so many Mexicans?”

“South Park” is arguing that the guys in our society have been hypnotized by our unhealthy love of the past. The consequences are obvious. An army of aging white men sat through three bland Star Trek remakes, paid to watch an uninspired Star Wars sequel, and elected Donald Trump as President. ‘Memberberries may be destroying our country.

‘Member Rocky?

The makers of “Creed” could have simply copied the plot of Rocky, Rocky 2, or Rocky 3, pasted it on a new boxer, and made $50 million. But they didn’t. “Creed” isn’t an overhyped sell-out rehash like “The Force Awakens.” “Creed” is a first-rate drama.

The film introduces us to Adonis Creed. Thirty years ago, legendary boxing champion Apollo Creed had an affair. Apollo died in the ring just before the child was born.

Young Adonis has his father’s fighting spirit but not his love and guidance. You can easily see Adonis ending up in the State Pen or an early grave.

“Creed” is a well-written story of two flawed people who save each other.

Writer/director Ryan Coogler rightly observes that men – when left to their own devices – are miserable self-destructive creatures. They will isolate themselves, avoid dealing with their emotional problems, and fail to take even basic care of their own health.

Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa are two such men.

When elderly widower Rocky agrees to train young Adonis, it sets the stage for a predictable underdog boxing story and a surprisingly powerful human drama.

When the boxing world learns that former champion Rocky Balboa has teamed up with Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis suddenly becomes a rising star. The kid gets more prestigious fights than he would have on his own.

Along the way – while we are enjoying the rousing training montages and fight scenes – Rocky and Adonis become family. They completely save each other and win us over in the process. This film is the crowning achievement of Sylvester Stallone’s career.

‘Member movies that make you spontaneously applaud during the closing credits? I remember!’ Thanks to “Creed.”

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