August 20th, 2019

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We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists
A lot of you still don’t think that political correctness is a huge problem.

That is understandable. You also don’t think that it is a problem that you don’t own a Thestleblower All-Cure device.

You don’t miss owning a Thestleblower All-Cure device because it is a thing that doesn’t exist. You don’t miss the thoughts and ideas that political correctness robbed you of because they don’t exist.

But make no mistake: political correctness has robbed you of thoughts and ideas. And it will steal a lot more from future generations. Our ability as a culture to analyze and comprehend the world around us is getting weaker each day.

Look at Hollywood.

Every powerful person in Hollywood is certain that man-made climate change will doom the planet. They are certain that cops and gun-nuts are the cause of all violence in America.

Is every actor, by nature, a close-minded liberal? Of course not. But in Hollywood, it is forbidden to question global warming, promote the 2nd Amendment, or defend cops.

Since breaking these unwritten rules will absolutely get you ostracized, black-listed, and demonized, actors would be self-destructive fools if they didn’t intellectually fall in line. If you will be destroyed for sharing an opinion, you will eventually stop thinking that opinion. That’s how our brains work.

Alec Baldwin doesn’t miss the awesome feeling of being a gas guzzling, gun-toting FOP donor. Political correctness robbed him of even the cognitive ability to comprehend the idea and make choices about it.

And Hollywood-style political correctness is sweeping the country by storm. There are now sudden, severe consequences for any famous person who says or tweets anything offensive, provocative, open-minded, or interesting.

Political correctness has robbed famous people of their freedom of speech and thought.

The only free people left in our society are Anonymous.

“We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists” is an entertaining and profanity-filled documentary about the loose collective of computer nerds who work together to keep freedom alive. They work under the name Anonymous.

They are brave, offensive, patriots trolling and hacking their way through the internet. And they are the only ones standing in the way of politically correct fascism — where each man is an ignorant island acting as his own thought police.

The heroes of Anonymous came together, the film explains, on the chat boards of www.4chan.org. On 4chan, they argued, insulted each other, joked around, created memes, and shared the most offensive ideas they could come up with.

4chan evolved into the Anonymous movement when they took on the Church of Scientology.

In 2008, relentless Scientology lawyers litigiously bullied everyone on the internet to stop showing an embarrassing church propaganda video with Tom Cruise. Anonymous does not tolerate censorship.

Anonymous activists flooded Scientology’s phone lines with prank calls, shut down Scientology’s website with cyber warfare, and physically disrupted Scientology churches across the world with physical protests. At the protests, activists maintained their anonymity by wearing identical Guy Fawkes masks.

When Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal colluded to stop allowing people to donate to Wikileaks (while still allowing donations to Neo Nazi groups), Anonymous retaliated by temporarily shutting down Mastercard and Paypal’s websites. Anonymous makes sure that actions to suppress speech have consequences.

Anonymous became a full-fledged political movement during the Arab Spring. To suppress dissent, Tunisian, Libyan, and Egyptian dictators tried to monitor, censor, and even shut down the internet. Anonymous stepped in to ensure that rebellious Arabs had private, functional servers so they could freely foment rebellion.

It is certain that you will dislike some of the confrontational and cocky members of Anonymous who are interviewed for “We Are Legion.” But I hope that you acknowledge that their activism in the name of freedom is important.

Currently, Hollywood actors seem to be living just fine without freedom of speech and thought. In the future, if political correctness continues, children probably won’t miss their ability to think for themselves any more than we currently miss the Thestleblower. The PC police could easily win this war.

We need to start praising people who have the guts to say rebellious, offensive, hurtful things instead of judging them. We need to thank Anonymous for bravely fighting to save our world.

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