July 18th, 2019

Max’s View

Saudi Arabia Uncovered
You probably would stop being friends with someone if you discovered that he is a truly horrible person, especially if you discovered that he was secretly executing people for speaking their minds and systematically subjugating every woman in his life.

You would probably stop being friends with someone if you discovered that he is pure evil. Well, guess what: The United States government wouldn’t. Our relationship with Saudi Arabia proves that.

At great personal risk, the British documentarians who made “Saudi Arabia Uncovered” sneaked a hidden camera into the country. What they filmed inside the Kingdom is a clear reminder of why Saudi Arabia strictly forbids video recording in public.

The streets of every Saudi city are filled with women – clad in black from head to toe – begging for handouts. They all have the same story: “my husband died.”

Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow women to get educated or drive and it discourages companies from hiring them. Therefore, when a woman’s husband dies, it is an immediate catastrophe.

Not only is poverty a certainty for widows, they suddenly become vulnerable to all measure of hardship and abuse. If a woman wants to bring charges against an attacker in court, she needs a man to accompany her and vouch for her. If a woman wants to go to a doctor to get treatment, the office may refuse care if no man is present.

Saudi Arabia is a little less oppressive if you’re a man. That is if you never want to speak your mind or do anything fun ever. Playing music in public is illegal. Drinking is entirely forbidden. And there are zealous religious police patrolling every community to ensure that these puritanical rules are enforced.

Worst of all, the royal family has given Wahhabi extremists free reign to turn the Saudi school system into a training ground for terrorism. It is no coincidence that Osama Bin Laden and fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi schoolbooks teach that every Christian deserves to be killed and that Shiite heretics aren’t much better. The Saudi government budgets $billions every year to send these hate manuals to Muslim school kids around the world.

And guess who pays for all of this? US! We pay for it!

Our drunken addiction to Saudi oil has caused an unfathomable amount of suffering. We owe it to the people of the earth to boycott Saudi Arabia immediately and permanently.

Our continued support of the awful, hypocritical Saudi monarchy has negative consequences that the government seems to ignore.

Right now, Saudi boys are being taught in their textbooks that the United States is their enemy. Soon, those very extremists will rise up and overthrow the decadent, Maserati-driving monarchs who currently rule their country. The new Islamist regime will hate Americans both because they were taught to and because we were the chumps who kept the hated monarchy in power.

During this century, the US has toppled the regime of Saddam Hussain, a secular dictator who actively opposed terrorism. The US toppled the regime of Muammar Qaddafi, a Socialist dictator who actively opposed terrorism. The US helped a popular uprising topple Hosni Mubarak: a militarist leader who fought the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamism, and terrorism for decades.

The whole time, we have been best of friends with Saudi Arabia.

This tells me that we should be very skeptical when the Establishment tries to tell us who are our allies and who are our enemies. We cannot trust the greedy idiots in Washington to decide who our friends are.

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