May 21st, 2019

Let’s Not Repeat Mistakes

Dear Editor:
As I was reading a recent op-ed by a legislator, I was struck by his praise of the state’s “aggressive oversight of Vermont Yankee” in its attempt to curb carbon emissions.
Yes, the state of Vermont leads in-state low-carbon generation, but we buy more out-of-state fossil fuel than ever since Vermont Yankee closed. If this “aggressive oversight” in fact contributed to Ver-mont Yankee’s closure, it cost Vermonters their largest zero-carbon energy provider.
In just a few weeks, Vermonters will have the opportunity to voice their support for the sale of Vermont Yankee to NorthStar. However, if the same antagonism dressed up as “aggressive oversight” is applied to NorthStar, we could once again see an end to a project of economic and environmental value.
Let’s not repeat mistakes that have already been made. NorthStar has a thorough decommissioning plan. I look forward to the approval of the sale and the strong economic future that will soon follow.
George Clain
Barre, VT

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