August 17th, 2019

It’s June… Already?

By G. E. Shuman
I know I just asked the question, in the title, but I’ll repeat it. It’s June…already? It must be, because my calendar and my computer and my phone say it is, and those things can’t be wrong, right? Still, it just doesn’t seem possible. Wasn’t it only a few weeks ago that the last flakes of winter snow were landing on my windshield? Oh yeah. That WAS only a few weeks ago. I must remember, this is Vermont.

In any case, the recent seasons and years have buzzed by faster than I can believe. That may have something to do with my age, or, perhaps I’m just not paying enough attention. I think it’s probably a little of both of those, mixed with the fact that life seems to get ‘hectic-er’ and ‘hectic-er’ almost every day for poor poor me. I thought that when you got to be of a more mature age, (I will never use the word ‘old’, except that I just did.) you were supposed to get to slow down a little. Personally, I’d love to slow down, but I don’t seem to be able to fit that into my schedule.

I really am not complaining, much, as I wouldn’t be happy with nothing to do, at least I wouldn’t after a year or two of doing nothing, but my wife and I really are busy. We both work, and babysit our newest granddaughter. (That we love doing.) Plus, this week I’m remodeling one of our bathrooms, writing this column, (lucky you, right?), giving high school final exams, speaking at an eighth-grade graduation tomorrow night, and then we are attending our grandson Noah’s high school graduation the next night, our granddaughter Jaidyn’s high school graduation, (in another state) the following night, and going to Noah’s graduation party back here in Vermont the day after that. Whew! In our spare time, we might try to sleep a little.

Is your schedule anything like ours? If so, you might also wonder where the year has gone, so far, and may too be a little amazed that June 2017 is already here.

If this column seems a little short, that’s only because it is. Like I said, my schedule is a bit full, and I need to keep moving. Time marches on, and I think it’s about to run me over.

—Congratulations Noah and Jaidyn! You two are FANTASTIC, and I’m very proud of you both!

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