August 17th, 2019

I Don’t Understand the Ultimate Goal to Legalize Marijuana- Do You?

I Don’t Understand the Ultimate Goal to Legalize Marijuana- Do You?

Dear Editor:

First I would like to say I enjoy the many well written informative and thoughtful columns by the world. Editor, I am so disappointed in VT’s current administration and all our elected officials at the State House, that voted for the “stupid pot bill!” And thanks to the legislators who voted against it. Thanks! I wish that everyone that voted to legalize it would of spent some time with the families of the five teens that were so horrible killed a driver going the wrong way on the interstate. He was all whacked out on drugs, one that included high levels of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Are you kidding me? The wrong way? It’s just one of the lovely drugs we have to mess people’s minds up. And I am an expert on drugs, or much else? No. But I do have some common sense, of which some of the law makers lack! The next time a person is killed, but someone high on marijuana, I hope you people can be proud of when you look at yourselves in the mirror. The men and women in law enforcement have a hard enough job already. Now saddle them with another near impossible mess to try to enforce! I don’t understand the ultimate goal to legalize marijuana- do you? Will Trump or drugs be the ruin of our country?

Thank you,

Gary Richardson

Berlin, VT

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