September 22nd, 2019


Guest Opinion: Senator Dick McCormack and Representative Mary Sullivan Have a Message.

“As Co-Chairs of the Climate Solutions Caucus in the legislature we are hoping to work with Gov. Phil Scott on ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Doing this will transform our economy to a post-carbon future that greatly benefits the economy of Vermont, creating jobs, improving the health of our citizens and protecting our environment as a whole.

His statement ‘Imposing a carbon tax on our workforce would be detrimental for Vermonters and our state’s economy’ neglects to mention that any carbon pricing legislation would include cuts to other taxes and fees to counter any negative impacts on working Vermonters. Indeed, many Vermonters come out ahead.

The governor neglects to point out that studies have shown that carbon pricing is a way to strengthen our economy so that it grows in the 21st century. Calls for a carbon pricing policy come not only from environmental activists but from economically conservative Republicans like George Shultz and James Baker. Vermont does not produce any fossil fuel, and eighty cents of every dollar we spend on fossil fuel leaves our state. This is an economic drain on our economy. When we reduce fossil fuel usage we keep these dollars home and they recirculate locally.

The governor ignores the prohibitive expense of human-caused global warming. This year alone the economic impact of global warming is measured in billions upon billions of dollars.

The governor to his credit has called citizens together to study climate issues, including holding public hearings. Throughout our state Vermonters have called for a strong meaningful response to global warming. Many have requested carbon pricing in Vermont as the best way to move forward. Having asked the people for their ideas the governor would do well to listen.”

-Senator Dick McCormack and Representative Mary Sullivan

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