September 23rd, 2019


Governor Doesn’t Walk The Walk

There’s an expression of a person being able to “talk the talk and walk the walk”. That means that a person’s actions should be congruent with what the person says that they believe. In the last issue’s “Guest Opinon” that was written by Gov. Shumlin, the Governor stated that Bernie Sanders is a member of the “best congressional delegation in America.” That translates to a statement that Bernie Sanders is one of America’s best senators.

I guess the Governor believes that one of the best senators in America isn’t that good, since he backed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nominee. Since 90 percent of voters who cast their ballot in the Vermont Democratic presidential primary selected Bernie Sanders, how well does the Governor represent his Democratic constituency? What he did was simply to follow the establishment party-line. Kind of gutless, wasn’t it? I’m not saying that the Governor is being hypocritical, but someone should.

Richard Lashoones

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