August 26th, 2019

Free Online Certification Available for VT Diesel Truck Drivers and Fleet Managers

Free training and certification for Vermont diesel truck drivers and fleet managers about the benefits of idling reduction is now available online. This program can have a powerful impact resulting in cost savings, increased vehicle efficiency, reduced number of employee sick days, and reduced environmental impacts.

“In Vermont, motor vehicles are the largest source of greenhouse gases and a number of other air pollutants that threaten human health and our environment. When it comes to addressing motor vehicle pollution, reducing unnecessary vehicle idling is low hanging fruit. In fact, if every car and truck in Vermont reduced unnecessary idling for just one minute per day, over the course of a year we would save over 1 million gallons of fuel and over $4 million in fuel costs, and we would reduce CO2 emissions by more than 10,000 metric tons. And, if everyone reduced unnecessary idling by five minutes, these benefits would increase fivefold,” said Tom Moye, head of Vermont’s Mobile Sources Programs at the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Under a grant from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, the American Lung Association has partnered with the University of Vermont Certification for Sustainable Transportation, to launch Vermont Idle Free Fleets, a free online training for Vermont diesel truck drivers and fleet managers, about the benefits of idling reduction.

This certification, which takes approximately 40 minutes to complete, will help drivers understand the health and environmental impacts of idling; vehicle wear and tear from idling; and fuel consumption and costs associated with idling. “In addition to learning about the benefits of reducing unnecessary idling, the training will help drivers to understand Vermont’s idling laws,” said Elaine O’Grady, Director of the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Air Quality & Climate Division.

There are several options for drivers to take the course:

1. A link to the program can be provided to an organization, and each employee can access the training through that link

2. Group training can be provided where a facilitator, drivers and employees can attend and complete the course together

3. Independent drivers can request a link

Customized training and reinforcement programs can be incorporated into existing efforts at an organization.

To learn more, visit www.anr.state.vt.us/air/MobileSources/htm/ReducingDieselEmissions.htm#Cert or contact:

· University of Vermont Certification for Sustainable Transportation – team@erating.org

· American Lung Association – 802-876-6860; or

· Vermont Air Quality & Climate Division – 802-828-1288


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