September 22nd, 2019


Reiss’s Pieces

This past spring Malc and I got a new laptop computer. We really needed one because our other computer was very old and beginning to show its age. Because of all our other things and because I have been ill and he has been so busy, neither of us tried to use the new one. My plan was when we got to the Cape we both would use it. Of course, when we got here the house was filled with grandchildren, all of whom not only knew how to use it. But did.

My fifteen year old grandson is a real computer whiz and although he has his own computer, he really like using my new one. My 10 year old grandson not only liked to use it, you couldn’t really get him off it and his brother who is 7 wanted to use it but only got time when his brother was asleep! And until yesterday I didn’t stand a chance…or knew what I was doing.

I opened the lid and that was as far as I got. I just couldn’t figure out how turn it on!. No one was home to ask and I knew I couldn’t call the boys at work. So in des-peration I called my Sarah at work. Fortunately, she didn’t have a patient and she answered her phone. She wasn’t thrilled to hear from you for such a silly reason but she did tell me to press the button at the top. I didn’t even tell her that I couldn’t’ t find the button, so I finally y thanked her and hung up. After many minutes of trying to find the button, I finally gave up and shut the lid.

Many days later we had a family gathering and Sarah and Rene brought a friend of their family named Miles. And this young man was very kind and when I men-tioned that I had no idea how to use my new computer or even how to turn it on, he went and got it and gave me a terrific tutorial on how to use it and what to do. And I thought that I had it down pat, but once I was alone, I couldn’t remember anything except how to turn it on.

When Sebastian came home from work, he set me up with a blank page and encouraged me to write something and I did. And when I was finished he saved it and sent it along to the World.. boy I felt like a million dollars. And then I realized that without him I was dead in the water. He leaves to go away for a week in early August and then has to go home to school and without him I have no idea how to do anything. I did mention to him that maybe he needs to teach me how to do it myself before he leaves but his response wasn’t all that excited or positive.

What I am looking for now is another child or young person who can walk me through the summer months. They really do know everything that they need to know about computers and I certainly don’t.

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