August 20th, 2019

Don’t Our Animals Deserve Better?

Dear Editor of the World

I was moved to tears when I picked up the latest issue of The World dated Oct 18, 2017. Depicted on the cover was a fox with the caption “Animal Cruelty Is Legal in Vermont.” So grateful that this is brought to the attention of the public at large for everyone to see. While visiting Protect Our Wildlife’s website, I learned more about the fox in the ad and was appalled at the needless suffering this animal endured for a week, while dragging a leg-hold trap from her mangled leg. What’s equally disturbing is that this inhumanity is actually legal.

So-called “nuisance” animals, like this fox, are not protected by any form of legislation in VT and their inhumane trapping with kill traps doesn’t even fall under the trapping laws of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dept. This means that no licensing, training, or trap tagging (i.e., owner ID) or reporting of the number and type of animals caught is required (what’s more, these traps can be placed anywhere). This also means domestic animals (cats, dogs) and non-target animals caught aren’t reported either. People are allowed to kill these animals at any time of the year, which means that animals killed in the spring/summer months often have offspring waiting for them who will be orphaned. Animals have been known to be left trapped for a week or longer, alive and in agonizing pain. Don’t our animals, wild and not, deserve better? A heartfelt thank you: by calling attention to this, you are part of the solution.

With gratitude,

Alex Pastor in Barre, VT

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