September 18th, 2019


Don’t Fall for The Smear Tactics; Look at The Record

Dear Editor,

I urge readers in Chelsea, Washington, Orange, Williamstown, Vershire, and Corinth to vote for Susan Hatch Davis for the state House. For the past two years, both Orange-1 representatives voted to support the Governor in blocking a $15 minimum wage and paid family leave, as well as in holding the state budget hostage in an effort to force cuts to public education. We need local reps who aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers in either party in fighting for what’s right for working families and small towns. Susan has a proven track record of doing just that. During her previous terms in the House, she introduced legislation related to universal health care, a living wage, property tax reform, local control of schools, agriculture, and workers’ rights. She is a true champion of progressive social, economic, and environmental policies, but she has won support from voters of all political persuasions because she focuses on common sense policies to solve problems that affect us all. Susan is a grandmother, a retired state worker, and a long-time resident of our district: she is not the extremist cartoon supervillain she’s painted as by the latest crop of Burma-Shave signs along our district’s roads. Don’t fall for the smear tactics; look at Susan’s record of integrity and consistency in fighting for what’s fair and right. Vote Susan Hatch Davis for state Representative in Orange-1!

Tev Kelman

Washington, VT

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