August 19th, 2019

Dear Community

My name is Florence Smith; many know me as Flo. I truly want to serve our Berlin community on the local Select Board. I will persevere in all respects through my combined experience and steadfast willingness to help.

I work for the State of Vermont and have for close to 16 years. Prior to the State, I worked a total of 19 years in a combination of administrative, office management positions plus one role as Vice-President on the executive leadership team of a company. My first full-time employment was with the National Life Insurance Company. In addition, I worked four years for the Vermont State Housing Authority and Northstar Fireworks, respectively. So, my combined years of full-time employment totals just shy of 35 years.

Our family moved to our Berlin home almost 25 years ago; August, 1994. My Husband, Tracy and both of our Daughters graduated from Union-32 High School. Jessica and Molly graduated from our Berlin Elementary School. We consider ourselves fortunate to own our home in Berlin, Vermont.

It is important you know that I review all aspects and do not make rash decisions. I combine courtesy and professionalism, amidst my ability to make difficult decisions. When I approach matters, I seek input and listen to feedback with an open mind, have good common sense and want to garner all views.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions at Flosmith1129@gmail.com as I hope to hear from you and seek your vote!


Florence Smith

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