September 17th, 2019


“Competitive” Crow Shoot? Try Using Beer Cans for Target Practice Instead

Dear Editor,

Soon readers will think I enjoy sending Letters to the Editor but continued outrageous behavior on the part of “so called hunters” compels me to write yet another! First it was the coyote “contest” now it is a “competitive” crow shoot event sponsored by the Boonie Club of which Mark McCarthy is the president. As most know Mark is co-owner of Lenny’s in Barre. Lenny’s has done so many humane and charitable acts that is especially disturbing that the co-owner would be such a part of this inhumane destruction of wildlife. Crows are extremely intelligent birds, forming colonies that help each other survive, learn to speak under the right circumstances, and mate for life. The farmers do a fine job of managing crows and don’t need (or I hope don’t support) this kind of wanton killing. When is this going to stop! Those who had thought of participating in this “event,” should instead try using beer cans for target practice.

Linda G. Shambo


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