September 22nd, 2019


“Christine Hallquist’s Civility Double Standard”

Dear Editor,

A few months after entering the Vermont gubernatorial race, Christine Hallquist issued a statement going after the VTGOP for alleged divisive rhetoric, and reiterated her hope that “the 2018 election would represent a return to civility, both nationally and here in Vermont.”

But now after winning the Democratic nomination, it appears Ms. Hallquist is intent on achieving success in the general election through attacks and jabs at her rival, Governor Phil Scott—a far cry from the civil sentiments she expressed months back. Shortly after the primary, the headlines popped up with similar themes such as “Hallquist celebrates historic victory, trains sights on Scott.”

In fact, just one day after winning the primary, Hallquist said “Just last night, [Scott] went there in terms of adopting the national GOP agenda of using fear.”

Say what?!

To recap Governor Scott’s primary night victory speech, he: congratulated Christine on her victory, commended his Republican primary opponent, expressed his hope for unity in the VTGOP, touted legislative accomplishments, and committed to running a “positive, issues-based campaign.”

What on earth is Christine Hallquist talking about when she alleges Scott’s use of divisive rhetoric based on fear on primary night?

The answer: she’s grasping at the straws, trying desperately to tie Governor Scott—a moderate, mild-mannered Republican—to Donald Trump and the national GOP. And Ms. Hallquist seems willing to do whatever it takes—even deviating from the “civility” she allegedly yearned for earlier in the campaign.

While Ms. Hallquist was busy going after Governor Scott, he was busy defending her! The day after the primary, Scott issued a statement condemning “hateful and ignorant comments about my opponent on social media and elsewhere on the basis of her gender” and stated he “will not tolerate — and flat-out reject — hateful, discriminatory and disrespectful speech of any type.” Scott ended with a call for a respectful campaign focused on the issues.

On civility, Christine Hallquist seems content “talking the talk” while Governor Scott “walks the walk.”

Colette Dublois

Manchester Center, VT

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