September 23rd, 2019


“Chasing the Blues” Art Exhibit at CVMC

PHOTO: Chasing the Blues.ai



chasing the blues

“Chasing the Blues” is the signature painting in Lois Eby’s exhibit in Central Vermont Medical Center’s Lobby Gallery.



Artist Lois Eby started out in life earning a BA in English literature at Duke University followed by an, MA in twentieth century literature and religion at Columbia University.


Since the early 80s she has been drawn to the empty yet evocative spaces of Asian paintings and to the energies of African American improvised music.


“When I paint,” said Lois, “I strive to keep the surface open – to give it air and breath and not to fill it up too much. Then, within that open space, whether I’m working in the abstract or from a subject – such as flowers, I want my line and color to have energy to create something alive, something that moves with rhythm and pulse. I want my paintings, whatever the subject, to have contemplative space and passion for life.”


In titling the show now hanging in the Central Vermont Medical Center Lobby Art Gallery, “Chasing the Blues” refers to the Blues as a musical tradition, and one which comes from the heart, expresses sorrow, and bestows courage, Lois said. “I’d be honored to find those qualities in my work. At the same time the act of painting, for me, chases the blues away. When I paint I simultaneously honor the Blues and their deep expression of what it is to be human and chase the blues away,” she concluded.


In addition to exhibitions of her work, Lois has contributed drawings and paintings to books, magazines, CDs and a DVD. Her work is in a variety of public and private collections. Lois’s work is at West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park in Stowe, and online at The Painting Center of New York’s Juried Art File.


The exhibit at CVMC will be hanging until March 28, 2014.

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