August 26th, 2019


A holiday tech gift idea for your favorite TV watcher

If someone on your gift list this year loves to watch TV and wants to see all the top-rated shows for free – there’s a gift out there that can grant them their wish and won’t break the bank. It’s a razor thin, indoor, high-tech HDTV antenna that pulls in all TV broadcast signals within 25 miles and makes them available in 10...

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Cyber security professionals in high demand battling ‘cyber weapons’

Traditionally, the term “war zone” elicits images of tanks, gunfire and military personnel. However, as technology evolves, so do the weapons associated with the art of warfare. Most recently, the battleground has moved online, with the introduction of a new computer malware threat known as “Flame.” Flame steals information...

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Cite unseen: Combating plagiarism in college means understanding why students cheat

Plagiarism is nothing new, and it is certainly not limited to university campuses. But students should be aware that colleges are on the lookout for plagiarized work and they have a variety of tools at their disposal to find it. It seems that no school is immune from cheating. Cheating scandals at the college level abound, even at some of the best-...

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Top 10 tips for staying safe online

While the ever-evolving conveniences of online shopping and digital communication often make life a little easier, sharing valuable information over the Internet comes with a considerable amount of risk. Consumers should not only be aware of the dangers of being online, but should also take preventative measures to avoid becoming a victim of online...

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New technology gives students an edge as they head back to school

As the summer comes to an end and students begin preparing for the new school year, tech gadgets are one of the must-have items on any shopping list. For students running from class-to-class, high tech tools fit easily into a backpack or tote and make everything from class activities to homework easier to manage. Where their parents’ generati...

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The next wave of medicine: banking your stem cells for therapeutic use

The therapeutic use of adult stem cells has come a long way over the past decade and continues to remain at the frontier of the rapidly expanding field of regenerative medicine. For more than 50 years, adult stem cells have been extensively researched and used safely and successfully. Today, widespread therapeutic use of stem cells is beginning to...

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