September 16th, 2019


George Shuman


  It is a distant memory, cold and old, dusted off now as a long-neglected, rediscovered book might be. It matters, somehow, that this nearly forgotten evening lived within a mid-nineteen sixties October. Perhaps it could just be that the late autumn wind cooled and creaked the leafless, lifeless-looking trees even more back then than now, aga...

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The Leaf

At my wife’s and my daughter’s mutual suggestion, as a possible inspiration for this week’s column, I ventured out onto our front lawn this afternoon to pick up a single maple leaf. Our lawn, today, is totally covered with such leaves, and our big tree is not empty yet. It wasn’t difficult to find one leaf to bring in. I simply bent down and got a...

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Lost Nation Theater – A Spark Worth Kindling

  by G. E. Shuman   In writing, or in speaking, extolling the praises of anyone or any thing, too often, or too loudly, can get you into trouble. It is the writer’s and speaker’s greatest fear that boredom with the subject would take place, and that their audience would stop reading, or get up and leave, whichever is the case. That being...

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‘Taking’ Pictures

‘Taking’ Pictures   By G. E. Shuman       Vacation season is about over. For most families the camper is put away, the pool is due for its fall cleaning (as soon as the leaves finish filling it up), the motorcycles and barbecue grills are still in use, but much less than weeks ago, and the kids are back in school. Yes, vacation...

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By Any Other Name

By G. E. Shuman   I think a lot of sounds of words; Of why I like some I have heard. And wonder from where those sounds came, When calling something by a name.   William Shakespeare, Bard of old Is often quoted, it is told, That a red rose would smell the same If called by any other name.   But I do doubt it, as I write That dawn wou...

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A Change is in the Air

A Change is in The Air   By G. E. Shuman     Have you noticed it yet? If not, you need to get outside and do so. I’m talking about the very recent change in the air here in the North. Have you felt it? The first thing this morning, as I was carrying my wife’s long little dog out to the end of our long front porch, for her morning ‘co...

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The Cemetery Club

By G.E. Shuman Once again, it was my extreme pleasure, last Saturday evening, to attend, with my wife, the current production by Lost Nation Theater in Montpelier. It was a beautiful summer evening, and a perfect one in which to stroll down Main Street, up the steps of City Hall, and to find our way to our seats at “One of the best regional theater...

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Wrist-Watches and Cracker Jack

by G. E. Shuman A few weeks ago I was standing in our kitchen, and happened to notice something about my sixteen-year-old daughter, when I saw her sitting on the couch in the next room. “You don’t wear a wrist-watch, huh Em?” I remarked. “I don’t wear a what?” Emily asked back. “A wrist-watch.” I repeated. “Dad, they don’t call them wrist-watches a...

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About Taking and Bringing

by G. E. Shuman There is a lesson in the curriculum I use with my eighth grade English class, which is entitled “Using Troublesome Verbs Correctly.” A subheading to this short lesson states: “Take or Bring?” Take indicates movement away from you. Bring indicates movement toward you.” Examples might be that we “take out the trash, but bring in the g...

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