May 21st, 2019

George Shuman

Wrist-Watches and Cracker Jack

by G. E. Shuman A few weeks ago I was standing in our kitchen, and happened to notice something about my sixteen-year-old daughter, when I saw her sitting on the couch in the next room. “You don’t wear a wrist-watch, huh Em?” I remarked. “I don’t wear a what?” Emily asked back. “A wrist-watch.” I repeated. “Dad, they don’t call them wrist-watches a...

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About Taking and Bringing

by G. E. Shuman There is a lesson in the curriculum I use with my eighth grade English class, which is entitled “Using Troublesome Verbs Correctly.” A subheading to this short lesson states: “Take or Bring?” Take indicates movement away from you. Bring indicates movement toward you.” Examples might be that we “take out the trash, but bring in the g...

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