June 20th, 2019


Joining the Navy Reserve lets Sailors balance everyday life and Navy life – and have careers in both

Family obligations, changing career aspirations and personal commitments are many of the factors that discourage Sailors and civilians from pursuing active duty service in the United States Navy. Did you know that Navy Reservists are able to serve their country while also working as professionals in their respective career fields? For nearly 100 ye...

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Free cancer resource guides help patients navigate cancer journey

– When Barbara George’s friend and colleague in the media business was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer 11 years ago, George volunteered to help her figure out her next steps. But what they did not find surprised them. “We thought, here we are as marketers and we’re having trouble finding needed resources in our...

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Frozen yogurt: a hot investment for entrepreneurs

Frozen yogurt shops are popping up in neighborhoods and business developments all across the country, as more Americans shop around for healthier treat options. The frozen yogurt industry is growing, not just for independent shops specializing in the delicious treat itself, but also in established restaurants and cafes looking to add to their menus...

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Video conferencing takes next leap to connect colleagues in the cloud

Video and Web conferencing have been around for decades, but the quality of the video and audio has proved disappointing and frustrating due to technology glitches and overall poor performance. However, a new cloud-based system, OmniJoin, recently launched to change all of that. The OmniJoin cloud infrastructure provides a number of benefits to vid...

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Ready for your next adventure? Resources and advice for young entrepreneurs

Fall always seems to be a time of revitalization. It brings a sense of a new beginning with the turning of leaves and kids going back to school. For many, such as recent college graduates, this may be the first time they aren’t stepping onto a school campus but rather stepping into a new adventure. Over the past few years, the U.S. Small Busi...

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