July 20th, 2019

Capstone Corner

After one year of saving up to $1,000 for education, homeownership or starting a micro business Capstone Community Action’s Individual Development Account (IDA) program will match your money and double your savings! The state sponsored IDA program helps Vermonters save and earn money for goals that help to develop their assets. After completing a series of financial education courses with Capstone’s Community Economic Development staff and demonstrating the ability to save over the course of a year, participant’s money will be matched, giving participants the opportunity to earn up to an additional $1,000. This means another $1,000 towards your future!

In order to qualify for the program your gross household income can be up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, at least one family member must have earned income through a job or self-employment, you can have up to $10,000 in personal assets, not counting the home you live in and one vehicle. After 12 months of savings you may access your matched funds with a written plan of how they will be implemented.

The program is designed to help Vermonters achieve goals and develop assets to further their lives. In addition to achieving their goals participants have the opportunity to learn and develop savings skills with Capstone’s Community Economic Development program staff. The program hopes to encourage lifelong savings habits and help participants work towards life enriching endeavors.

Paying for higher education, purchasing a new home, and starting a business are no small tasks. All can be very expensive but also extremely gratifying and rewarding. The IDA match helps Vermonters achieve their future goals with a little financial boost and professional guidance along the way. To learn more about the program contact Maureen Dougherty at mdougherty@capstonevt.org or 477- 5116 for more information.

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