May 19th, 2019

Cabot School Reconstruction Dilemma

When I opened my Cabot Chronicle this month, I was surprised to see a defamatory letter to the editor about my “Sense of Community” commentary from May’s edition. In that letter I was grossly misrepresented as saying “Cabot High School does not contribute to Cabot’s Sense of Community.” For anyone who actually read my personal commentary last month, I never said this, not even anything close to it!

Discussions about Cabot School are understandably emotionally charged; but antagonistic, misleading, and personally insulting reactions to individual points of view are counter productive to discussions as important as the education of our children and the ability of Cabot tax payers to support the school.

Cabot residents won’t agree 100% with each other; but each of us has the right to voice our opinion. As members of this community we should be respectful of one another as we struggle through some very tough discussions and decisions over the next few months.

It is also important for residents and parents to attend meetings and participate in discussions as our community works through the issues at hand. What we face today is WAY more involved than what we faced two years ago…this is NOT just about whether to close, or not close Cabot High School.

Some of the issues we face are:
Bill H.361 Đ School District Consolidation
Bill H.361 – Financial effects
Cabot School Demolition and Reconstruction project proposals
7-10 million dollar price of a reconstruction project
Student body reconfiguration (PK-12 vs PK-8)
Financial & Educational benefits of each student body configuration
and many more…

Educate yourself, form an opinion, ask questions, and participate in the discussions!
The next Cabot School Facility forum is being held on June 17 at 6:30 p.m. at Cabot School. As a resident, parent, and Cabot School Facility Committee member I urge you to attend.

Brigitte Codling

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