December 16th, 2018


A girl, Sophia May Berry, was born November 25 to Athena Hanson and Owen Berry of Bradford.

A girl, Hayleigh Jean, was born November 23 to Stacy Olmstead and Scott Olmstead of Randolph.

A boy, Riley Jay Griffen, was born November 20 to Celsi Pratt and Michael Howe Jr. of Randolph.

A girl, Layla Sherrianne Eaccarino, was born November 16 to Amanda Bedell and Bryan Eaccarino of Braintree.

A girl, Chloe Rose Polito, was born November 14 to Lindsay (Tucker) Polito and Michael Polito of Chelsea.

A boy, Aiden Maverick Illsley, was born November 13 to Ashley (Marsh) Illsley and Joshua Illsley of Braintree.

A boy, Deacon Alexander Segit, was born November 13 to Morgan (Mackie) Segit and Brian Segit of Barre Town.

boy, Kayne Anthony Powers, was born November 11 to Monica Tremblay and Jordan Powers of Barre.

A girl, Shiloh Bell, was born November 7 to Sarah Tomaszewski and Taylor Bell of Northfield.

A boy, Kayne Anthony Powers, was born November 11 to Monica Tremblay and Jordan Powers of Barre.

A son, Carl-Henry Amilcar Jr., was born Nov. 5 to Miya Anne Anderson and Carl Henry Amilcar of Barre.

A son, Ezekiel Ezra Eckman, was born Oct. 29 to Marla (Gardner) and Kevin Eckman of Waterbury.

A daughter, Eleanor Freeman Leeper, was born Oct. 28 to Eliza (Dodd) and Brett Leeper of Montpelier.

A boy, Bentley Michael Haynes, was born October 27 to Kayla Shepard and Thomas Haynes of Hancock.

A daughter, Dawson M. Tatro, was born Oct. 26 to Tiffany Smith and Derrick Tatro of Hardwick.

A girl, Emmaleen Willow Hickok, was born October 25 to Melinda Pike and Shawn Hickok of Randolph.

A boy, Silas Cole Henry, was born October 23 to Rebecca (Wetmore) Henry and Snapper Henry of Barre.

A daughter, Felise Dahliana Marchesseault, was born Oct. 19 to Kathylyn (Dela Pena) and Brian Marchesseault of Montpelier.

A boy, Dillon Cahill-Pauly, was born October 12 to Katie Cahill-Pauly and Mark Pauly at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts. He joins a sister, Ciara. Paternal grandparents are Marcia and John Pauly of East Montpelier and maternal grandparents are Kathleen Cahill of Milford, MA and Kevin Cahill of Walpole, MA. Mark Pauly was a 2000 graduate of U-32 High School. The family resides in Norfolk, MA.

A girl, Gemma Gianna Prucha, was born October 10 to Makayla Pennoyer and Matthew Prucha of Randolph.

A daughter, Leila Anne Seitz, was born Oct. 10 to Madaleine (Olsen) and Jacob Seitz of Barre.

A son, Noah Vasilios Bushey, was born Oct. 8 to Colleen Hurley and Jordan Bushey of Barre.

A girl, Kelby Joyce Larocque, was born October 6 to Courtney (Brown) Larocque and Lucas Larocque of Braintree.

A girl, Maeve Catherine Whooley, was born October 6 to Elizabeth (Clark) Whooley and Daniel Whooley of Bethel.

A boy, Benjamin William Lambert, was born October 3 to Jessica (Mulder) Lambert and David Lambert of Randolph Center.

A son Eligh Michael Miller, was born Oct. 1 to Shawna Lumbra and Harry Miller of South Barre.

A son, Liam Avery Hays, was born Sept. 30 to Christina Hays and Seth Beede of Washington.

A son, Theodore George Ripley, was born Sept. 30 to Amy (Plante) and Andrew Ripley of Barre Town.

A son, Ayrton Michael Waterman, was born Sept. 29 to Sage Rollins and James Waterman of Washington.

A son, Kayden Luke Wood, was born Sept. 29 to Kaylie Knapp and Keino Wood of Barre.

A son, Dalton Alexander Weeks, was born Sept. 28 to Felicia (Soto) and Travis Weeks of East Calais.

 A daughter, Kenzi Grace Stone, was born Sept. 28 to Megan Hunter and Jonathan Stone of Barre.

A son, Jackson Spargo Houle, was born Sept. 25 to Abby (Prevost) and Jonathan Houle of Barre.

A daughter, Sierra May Hallock, was born Sept. 25 to Tamara and Matthew Hallock of Groton.

A girl, Aubree MacRitchie, was born September 23 to Bailee Tremblay and Dylan MacRitchie of Williamstown.

A boy, Bryson Archer Maville, was born September 22 to Samantha DeCarvalho and Casey Maville of Ludlow.

A son, Derek Jamison Abreu, was born Sept. 19 to Christi Fisher and Angel Abreu of Barre City.

A girl, Riley, was born September 19 to Jessica Buckley and Joshua Saxe of Montpelier.

A girl, Ellanah Braley, was born September 18 to Stacy Nichols and Bernard Braley II of Bethel.

A daughter, Margo Brown Dougherty, was born Sept. 14 to Kate Brown and Mike Dougherty of Montpelier.

A daughter, Mia Marie Garrison, was born Sept. 12 to Angel Walbridge and Keith Garrison of Barre.

A son, Levi Lewis Quenneville, was born Sept. 10 to Allissa R. and Cody J. Quenneville of Waterbury.

A son, Grayson Matthew Garcia, was born Sept. 7 to Lindsay and James Garcia of Williamstown.

A girl, Chloe Mae Brassard, was born September 5 to Brittany Greene and Daniel Brassard of East Randolph.

A girl, Caitlyn Jean Maxham, was born September 5 to Tracy (Bradley) Maxham and Eric Maxham of Randolph.

A daughter, Raven Oaklee Quinlan, was born Sept. 5 to Brittany R. Routhier and Robert B. Quinlan III of Barre.

A boy, Rio Dean Dezon-Gray, was born September 4 to Rebecca Dezan and Ashley Gray of West Berlin.

A son, Jaxon Keene Tremblay, was born Sept. 4 to Brittany (Tullar) and Brett Tremblay of Barre.

A boy, Kylen Richard Fitzgerald, was born September 2 to Heather Larocque and Kody Fitzgerald of Graniteville.

A daughter, Davina Pearl Doney, was born Aug. 31 to Krystal (LaCroix) and Ryan Doney of Barre Town.

A boy, Gustave Emmett Jackson Maves, was born August 30 to Madhurii (Barefoot) Maves and Tyler Maves of Fayston.

A boy, Keagan Lee Sturtevant, was born August 27 to Allyson Romero and Jared Sturtevant of Bethel.

A daughter, Abigail Elizabeth Nelson, was born Aug. 26 to Heather (Flannigan) and Jim Nelson of Ryegate.

A daughter, Eden Brook Mier, was born Aug. 25 to Jessica (Rogers) and Brian Mier of Barre Town.

A daughter, Rylee Lucille Deuso, was born Aug. 25 to Kaitlin (Folsom) and Joshua Deuso of Plainfield.

A boy, Ilya, was born August 24 to Mahraz Rashichi Ravari and Ali Fathi of Randolph.

A daughter, Courèg Nevayah Jones, was born Aug. 23 to Courtney Houghton and Reginald Jones of Barre.

A girl, Tabitha Monique Tyler, was born August 22 to Tabitha (Hewitt) Tyler and Michael Tyler of Calais.

A boy, Ronana William Johnson, was born August 21 to Victoria (Bliss) Johnson and Kirt Johnson of Graniteville.

A son, Rhett Alan Brickey, was born Aug. 21 to Megan Austin and Cody Brickey of Plainfield.

A son, Ayden William Kenyon, was born Aug. 20 to Holli (LaHaye) and Gary Kenyon II of Waterbury Center.

A boy, Leo Charles Witold Kennett, was born August 19 to Asia Labejsza-Kennett and David Kennett of Rochester.

A daughter, Hazel Ellen Smith, was born Aug. 17 to Mary (Diego) and Dylan Smith of Northfield.

A son, Donovan Gummere, was born Aug. 16 to Tara (Locke) and Robert Gummere of Barre Town.

A girl, Savannah Renee Ivory, was born August 15 to Cathy-Ann Ivory and Eric Ivory of Northfield.

A girl, Alexandra Diana-Louise Heiser, was born August 14 to Alicia (Flint) Heiser and Jonathan Heiser of Randolph.

A daughter, Kaydence Marie Rich, was born Aug. 13 to Natasha (Robinson) and Malcolm Rich of Barre.

A son, Preston Herring, was born Aug. 11 to Alicia Martin and Joshua Herring of Barre.

A daughter, Josephine Ellen Fortier, was born Aug. 7 to Jessie Lee Leyse and Justin Fortier of Calais.

A son, Abel Alexander Wright, was born Aug. 6 to Vanessa Tremblay and Christopher Wright of Berlin.

A daughter, Analeigha Pamela-Marie Rodriguez, was born Aug. 5 to Brianna Kenney and Juan Rodridguez Jr. of Barre.

A girl, Astraea Moon Pierce, was born August 4 to  Harlei Merriam Pierce and Melvin Pierce III.

A boy, Matthew Michael Yetnick, was born August 3 to Mikayla Perkins and Peter Yetnick of South Royalton.

A daughter, Makenna Marie Beaucage, was born Aug. 2 to Monica (Beede) and Nicholas Beaucage of Orange.

A boy, Lukas Richard Honkala, was born August 1 to Jessica Noble and Jon Honkala of Sharon.

A boy, Atlas Connor Jones, was born August 1 to Amelia Lennon and William Jones of Barnard.

A daughter, Phoebe Jayne Babcock, was born Aug. 1 to Amanda Blair Miller and Verne Babcock of Northfield.

A girl, Elliana Sophia Jorgenson, was born July 26 to Nicole DiDomenico and Jeremy Jorgenson of Berlin.

A boy, Trevor Edwin Zedick, was born July 25 to Gina and Mark Zedick of Roxbury.

A son, Reyansh Poojary, was born July 25 to Akshata Shetty and Vishal Poojary of Montpelier.

A daughter, Claire Elizabeth-Ann, was born July 23 to Katherine (Sullivan) and Andrew Ritzer of Northfield.

A girl, Zoe Delphine Cota , was born July 22 to Elyse Robaichaud and Geoffrey Cota of Barnard.

A daughter, Tatum Marie Patterson, was born July 20 to Traci Melkonian and Jordan Patterson of Barre.

A boy, Calvin Cross Chapman, was born July 14 to Ann (Cross) Chapman and Corey Chapman of Tunbridge.

A daughter, Diana Melitha Landry, was born July 12 to Grace Small and Frank Landry of Randolph.

A boy, Joshua Gordon Jr., was born July 12 to Stephanie Hunt and Joshua Gordon Sr. of Rutland.

A girl, Journee Lee Maxham, was born July 11 to Jennifer (Mitchell) Maxham and Jason Maxham of Killington.

A boy, Lincoln Frederick Hicks Koloski, was born July 11 to Katelyn Koloski and Alex Hicks of Bethel.

A boy, Rowan James Mooney-Jacobs, was born July 8 to Monica Mooney and Colin Jacobs of Vershire.

A girl, Alana Joyce-Ann Lambert, was born July 3 to Nicole (Gendron) Lambert and Jonathan Lambert of Granville.

A son, Ezra Paul Dunbar, was born June 30 to Amanda Rein and Travis Dunbar of Barre.

A daughter, Bobby-Jean Isabelle Jones, was born June 29 to Rebecca Fassett and Francis Jones of Northfield.

A son, Cooper William Millett, was born June 27 to Jessica (Anderson) and Robert Millett of Barre City.

A daughter, Lydia Squiers, was born June 26 to Amanda (Davis) and Matthew Squiers of Barre.

A girl, Coraline Frances Griffin, was born June 25 to Kimberly Griffin and Patrick Griffin of Rutland.

A boy, Jackson Parker Burroughs, was born June 20 to Jade Speranza and Jacob Rollins of Williamstown.

A girl, Jordyn Elizabeth Bowen, was born June 19 to Andra (Fuller) Bowen and James Bowen of Bethel.

A boy, Caleb Daniel Bushá, was born June 18 to Jennifer Celley and Peter Bushá of Randolph.

A girl, Ella Kay Pickens, was born June 18 to Amanda Pickens and Michael Pickens Jr. of Randolph.

A boy, Colton Everett Curtis, was born June 16 to Leslie (Lockerby) Curtis and Joshua Curtis of Barre.

A girl, Tate Ives Clossey, was born June 15 to Sarah Clossey of Brookfield.

A girl, Kennedy Grace Scribner, was born June 15 to Halle Robinson and Benjamin Scribner of Duxbury.

A son, Henry, was born June 10 to Emily and Jonathan Harris of Montpelier.

A girl, Alaia Florence Costa, was born June 13 to Sarah (Jackman) Costa and Gabriel Costa of Barre City.

A girl, DaniellaMarie Willis, was born June 12 to Theresa (Prugel) Willis and Daniel Willis of Randolph.

A daughter, Jazlyn Lee Campbell, was born June 7 to Lorisa Holt and George Campbell III of Williamstown.

A daughter, Viola Azilda LaFond-Copeland, was born June 3 to Dominique LaFond and Keith Copeland of Washington.

A boy, Atlas Carlton Lucullus Landry, was born June 3 to Julia (Knapp) Landry and Christopher Landry of South Strafford.

A girl, Wynonna Debra Campbell, was born June 3 to Taylor Benson and Cody Campbell of Barnard.

A girl, Isabella Crosby Abraham, was born June 2 to Julia (Hutchinson) Abraham and Steven Abraham of Royalton.

A daughter, Joy Olive Morey, was born June 1 to Maureen (Driscoll) and Richard Morey of Barre City.

A boy was born May 31 to Amanda (Forbes) Zoecklein and Ashlyn Zoecklein of Northfield.

A girl, Natalie Grace, was born May 30 to Kimberly (Poulin) Post and Amos Post of East Bethel.

A boy, Derek Thomas Jacques, was born May 29 to Ashley (Chase) Jacques and Michael Jacques of Williamstown.

A son, Korbin Owen Reed Perry, was born May 25 to Mikayla (Manchester) and Nathan Perry of Brookfield.

A boy, Ari Henderson, was born May 23 to Faith (Corbett) Henderson and Chris Henderson of Roxbury.

A daughter, Amelija Anastasia Stavric, was born May 23 to Rebecca Collins and Drazen Stavric of Montpelier.

A daughter, Athena Blossom Paton, was born May 22 to Jessica Byam and Damian Paton of Barre.

A son, Dale Cory Copeland, was born May 18 to Emily Arleth and Cody Copeland of Corinith.

A daughter, Isabelle Grace Lawson, was born May 17 to Alissa Keough and Justin Lawson of Barre Town.

A son, Christopher Lee Wilder Jr., was born May 17 to Tiffany Herring-Flint and Christopher Wilder Sr. of Barre.

A daughter, Isabelle Grace Lawson, was born May 17 to Alissa Keough and Justin Lawson of Barre Town.

A boy, Viktor Willo Liska, was born May 15 to Tessa (McCullough) Liska and Tomas Liska of Bethel.

A girl, Luella Elizabeth McKinstry, was born May 14 to Katelynne (LaFrance) McKinstry and Mark McKinstry Jr. of Stockbridge.

A girl, Rosa May Kelman, was born May 14 to Eliza Hale and Tevye Kelman of Washington.

A girl, Finley Brooke Renee Warren, was born May 14 to Taylor Brown and Tyler Warren of Worcester.

A boy, Cameron Jay Heim, was born May 12 to Jessica Heim of Montpelier.

A boy, Trevor Bryan Doton, was born May 8 to Codie (Palmer) Doton and Bryan Doton of Barnard.

A girl, Iris Odette Jarmy, was born May 5 to Rachelle Hahn and Simon Jarmy of South Royalton.

A girl, McKinley Grace Smedy, was born May 3 to Racheal Eberhart and Matthew Smedy of Barre.

A daughter, Liza Elaine Dutil, was born May 2 to Lizette (Dutil) and Brandon LaCourse of Barre City.

A girl, Celia Jude Wright, was born May 1 to Kendra (Densmore) Wright and Andrew Wright of Bethel.

A son, Julian Scott Weston, was born May 1 to Katie Weston of Barre.

A girl was born April 27 to Martha (Rosten) Brough and Bruce Brough of Corinth.

A son, Abel Everett Cormier, was born April 25 to Taylor (King) and Bradley Cormier of Barre.

A son, Wyatt Michael Brown, was born April 23 to Magan (Rollins) and James Brown of Orange.

A girl, Annabelle Donahue, was born April 22 to Betsy (Ricker) Donahue and David Donahue of Royalton.

A son, Waylon David John Kreis, was born April 20 to Megan (Domey) and Ryan Kreis of Plainfield.

A son, Myles Harrison Fleury, was born April 22 to Morgan Frantz and Clifton Fleury of Barre.

A girl, Marlee Hope McKearney, was born April 18 to Christine Spinks and Jeremy McKearney of Randolph.

A son, Ames Louis Bravakis, was born April 17 to Jenna (Kidney) and Alex Bravakis of Montpelier.

A son, Oliver Michael Partlow, was born April 17 to Jessie Williams and Thomas Partlow of Barre.

A girl, Hailey Diana Partlow, was born April 17 to Tess (Blanchard) Partlow and Jacob Partlow of Roxbury.

A girl, Alexis Marie Premont, was born April 17 to Marissa (Cave) Lowery and Stewart Premont of Randolph.

A girl, Lennon Reese Vallerand, was born April 14 to Ramanza Wheeler and Dominic Vallerand of Barre Town.

A boy, Logan Thomas White, was born April 14 to Maria (Conti) White and Kevin White of Barre Town.

A boy, Collin Everett Morris, was born April 8 to Haley Robinson and George Morris of Warren.

A girl, Charlee Brunton Quinn, was born April 7 to Marlee Brunton and Nathan J. Quinn of Marshfield.

A boy, Odin Edward Stone, was born April 6 to Haylee Moore and Jonathan Stone of Northfied Falls.

A girl, Katy Rose Deforge, was born April 5 to Amy (Clark) Deforge and Peter Deforge of Brookfield.

A girl, Skylar Rose Spalding, was born April 3 to Katelyn Bowen and Dave Spalding of Rochester.

A boy, Kacper Stanislaw Rusch, was born April 1 to Beata (Pieirzak) Rusch and Eric Rusch of Stockbridge.

A girl, Lucy Parmelee-McGill, was born March 30 to Aimil Parmelee and Avery McGill of Randolph Center.

A boy, Brantley Eben Lewis, was born March 30 to Leyna (Tatro) Hoyt and Kyle Lewis of Chelsea.

A boy, Lincoln Thomas Merrill, was born March 29 to Cass Bath and Justin Merrill of Bethel.

A son, Gibson Michael Stark, was born March 28 to Gena Sedelnick and Ervin Michael Stark of Plainfield.

A daughter, Willow Marie Capron, was born March 27 to Keri Anne Capron of Northfield.

A son, Cade Anders Nava, was born March 26 to Casey (Kolb) and Austin Nava of Montpelier.

A girl, Tilly Mae Connor, was born March 25 to Jamie (Koehnlein) Connor and Stephen Connor II
of East Calais.

A son, Sidney Timothy Griggs, was born March 25 to Kelly Ann (Gochey) and Sidney Griggs of Cabot.

A boy, Carter Young, was born March 22 to Julia Dezotell and Phillip Jesse Young of Bethel.

A daughter, Molly Lovett Groberg, was born March 22 to Mary Margaret (Fletcher) and Dan Groberg of Montpelier.

A son, Issac Paul Dodge, was born March 18 to Jessica Dodge of Williamstown.

A son, Cainen James Welch, was born March 16 to Chelsea Otis and Josh Welch Sr. of Orange.

A boy, Tobias Blaine Lessard, was born March 15 to Arianna (O’Dell-Shipe) Lessard and Calvin Lessard of Northfield.

A son, Finnegan Cormick LeClerc, was born March 15 to Casey (Sweet) and Patrick LeClerc of Northfield.

A boy, Preston Blair Blake, was born March 13 to Heather (Austin-Bradley) Blake and Justin Blake of Berlin.

A son, Cullen Thomas Graves, was born March 13 to Sara and Neal Graves of Stowe.

A daughter, Addelyn Elise Hebert, was born March 13 to Taylor (Mason) and James Hebert of Williamstown.

A son, Sean Patrick Dunlea, was born March 13 to Ashley (Linendoll) and Ryan Dunlea of Barre.

A boy, Kasen Dean Grondin, was born March 11 to Kasi (Elliott) Grondin and Dean Grondin of Montpelier.

A boy, Breyson Delude, was born March 9 to Brooke Hornbeck-Fielder and Brandon Delude of Barre.

A boy, Kole Westin Makris, was born March 6 to Bridgette Peck and Kosta Makris of Randolph.

A girl, Morgan Jane Hibler, was born March 6 to Courtney Elizabeth Riley and Nathaniel David Hibler of Randolph.

A son, Hazen Pearce Gibbs, was born March 4 to Megan Seaver and Nathaniel Gibbs of Williamstown.

A daughter, Katie Marie Leedy, was born March 4 to Jennifer (Law) and William Leedy of Barre Town.

A boy, Francis Arthur Vooris, was born March 1 to Elizabeth (Canal) Vooris and Daniel Vooris of Montpelier.

A son, Luca Donovan Contratti, was born Feb. 28 to Renata Wheeler and Sebastian Contratti of Barre.

A daughter, Violet Grace Monaco, was born Feb. 27 to Danielle Warner and Jason Monaco of Cabot.

A girl, Mireya Sophia Rollins, was born February 26 to Christina Benoir and MacKenzie Rollins of Northfield Falls.

A girl, Emery Jane Mango, was born February 26 to Haley (Pryce) Mango and Christopher Mango.

A girl, Zaylee Laurel Walbridge, was born February 25 to Katrina (Rancore) Murphy and Philip Walbridge of Sharon.

A son, Cohen Ernest Adams, was born Feb. 25 to Katelyn Pierce and Matthew Adams of Williamstown.

A daughter, Violet Grace Smith, was born Feb. 23 to Kendal (Melvin) and Clayton Joseph Smith of Barre.

A girl, Olivia Grace Upham, was born February 22 to Elizabeth Holbrook and Kevin Upham of Bethel.

A daughter, Felicity Rose Miner, was born Feb. 21 to Kayla Churchill and John-Walter Miner of Cabot.

A boy, Mathew Scott Giles, was born February 20 to Jennifer (Hurlburt) Giles and Justin Giles of Havelock, NC.

A boy, Arlo, was born February 17 to Jessica (Flagge) Ohashi and Seiji Ohashi of Montpelier.

A son, Rick Micheal Pregent, was born Feb. 16 to LeeAnn Marie McKinstry and James Pregent of Berlin.

A boy, Kevin Tyler Martin Jr., was born February 15 to Tabitha Nevin and Kevin Martin of Northfield.

A girl, Esme Madeline Meyer, was born February 14 to Genesis (Baril) Meyer and Adam Meyer of Barre.

A boy, James Dowell Westbrook, was born February 14 to Meghan Westbrook and Clay Westbrook of Randolph.

A son, Donovan J. Rossi, was born Feb. 13 to Leona Wamsley and John Rossi of Colchester.

A girl, Isla, was born February 12 to Eva Matteson (Winnicki) Casey and Kevin Seamus Casey of Woodbury.

A boy, Wren Patrick Cayer, was born February 12 to Mindy (McKenna) Cayer and Zackary Cayer of Barnard.

A daughter, Ella Rose Lannen, was born Feb. 9 to Margaret and Michael Lannen of Barre.

A daughter, Ember Rae Bador, was born Feb. 9 to Krystle Frantz-Bador and Justin Bador of Worcester.

A daughter, Maycee Marie Capron, was born Feb. 8 to Victoria Stauff and James Capron of Northfield Falls.

A son, William Edward Bolles, was born Feb. 7 to Heather Bresett and Douglas Bolles of Barre.

A girl, Waverley Marie Swann, was born February 2 to Vanessa Swann and Garrett Swann of Warren.

A son, Cooper Lee Nunn, was born Feb. 1 to Miranda (Bowen) and Jericho Nunn of Corinth.

A boy, Mateo Baldillo-Orta, was born January 31 to Scarlet (Brink) Baldillo-Orta and Christhian Baldillo-Orta Sr. of Braintree.

A girl, Arianna Paige Walko-Bain, was born January 30 to Charlene Walko and Arthur Bain of East Randolph.

A daughter, Lilliana Mae Morse, was born Jan. 30 to Ashely Lynch and Jeffrey Morse of Barre.

A son, Ashton Michael Henault, was born Jan. 30 to Brooke Plantier and David Henault of Washington.

A son, Chase Todd Rollins, was born Jan. 28 to Meaghean Emerson and Joshua Rollins of Williamstown.

A son, Bennett Lucien Brynga, was born Jan. 23 to Kristin (Severance) and Chris Brynga of Waterbury.

A son, Hadley Dean Lloyd Rouleau, was born Jan. 23 to Amantha and Jared Rouleau of Warren.

A son, William Joseph Chouinard, was born Jan. 18 to Lauren and Trym Chouinard of Barre.

A daughter, Katherine Elizabeth Currier, was born Jan. 18 to Kiley (Barber) and Christopher Currier Jr. of Cabot.

A boy, Henrik Fletcher Prince was born January 16 to Hannah (Cater) Prince and John Prince of Stockbridge.

A daughter, Kyla Jaclyn Kittredge, was born Jan. 14 to Allison (Thompson) and Jordan Kittredge of Barre.

A boy, Ryan Ashton Clough, was born January 10 to Laurie (Cass) Clough and Jason Clough of Williamstown.

A boy, Quinton James Putney was born January 10 to Diana (Rawding) Putney and Jed Putney of Bethel.

A girl, Sydney Rose Fongeallaz, was born January 10 to Amanda (Hebert) Fongeallaz and Dylan Fongeallaz of Berlin.

A son, Barrett Archer Allen, was born Jan. 7 to Jessica Grandbois and Evan Allan of Orange.

A son, Carter William Dodge, was born Jan. 6 to Tiffany Dodge and Earl Larkin of East Montpelier.

A son, Lucas Gabriel Alexander, was born Jan. 5 to Brittaney Underwood and Joel Alexander of Groton.

A son, Wyatt Edward Boyer, was born Jan. 4 to Lisa (Tatro) and Harvey Boyer of Hardwick.

A boy, Declan Roger Hook, was born January 4 to Allyson (Allen) Hook and Jeremy Hook of Chelsea.

A daughter, Harper Marie Cornell-Evans, was born Jan. 2 to Christina Cornell and Robert Evans of Washington.

A boy, Keegan William Freeman was born January 2 to Krista Warner and Kevin Freeman of Braintree.

A girl, Lily Anne Krietemeyer, was born December 28 to Veronica Bruno and Timothy Krietemeyer, Jr. of Williamstown.

A son, Collin Ryan DeCoursey, was born Dec. 21 to Devan (Bassett) and Ryan DeCoursey of Barre.

A girl, Zoey Rose Ritundale, was born December 21 to Abbygail Ritundale and Hollend Ritundale of Barre.

A girl, Arya Spain, was born December 19 to Aucia LaCava and William Spain of South Royalton.

A son, Bodhi Mateo Fernandez, was born Dec. 18 to Onica (Sprague) and Christopher Fernandez of Waterbury.

A girl, Ana Lucia Chappelle Cortez, was born December 15 to Ana Cortez and David Chappelle of Barre.

Twin girls, Ivy & Iris Howe, were born December 10 to Courtney Hannah Bowry and Ronald J. Howe II of Williamstown.

A girl, Madeline Rose Surridge, was born December 8 to Kerri O’Connor and Peter Surridge of East Barre.

A son, Elliot James Newton, was born Dec. 7 to Destiny and Matthew Newton of Williamstown.

A boy was born December 5 to Taylor Katz and Michael (Misha) Johnson of Chelsea.

A boy, Kaisyn Ryan Brady, was born December 1 to Anna-Clair Ball and Ryan Brady of Randolph.

A son, Bayne Arthur Laferriere, was born Dec. 1 to Alicia and Cory Laferriere of Barre.

A son, Parker James Fleury, was born Nov. 30 to Amber-Mae (Avery) and Eric James Fleury of Barre.

A boy, Sawyer Joseph Comolli, was born November 28 to Jamie (Wirasnik) Comolli and Steve Comolli of Barre.

A daughter, Callie Rose Emmons, was born Nov. 28 to Tazlynn Emmons and Derik Stowe of Montpelier.

A daughter, Hailey Marie Abare, was born Nov. 28 to Samantha (Metayer) and Ben Abare of Waterbury.

A boy, Sawyer John Messier, was born November 27 to Kasandra McNeill and Branden Messier of Randolph.

A boy, Lincoln Ross Gaylord, was born November 25 to Kate-Lynn Laskey and Trevor Gaylord of Moretown.

A girl, Barbara Kate Prentice-Gay, was born November 19 to Melody Gay and David Prentice of Barre.

A son, Elliott George Ainsworth, was born Nov. 19 to Maryjane (Papineau) and Pete Ainsworth of Barre Town.

A girl, Brynlee Marie Needham, was born November 18 to Kelsey Laughlin and Jakup Needham of Hancock.

A girl, Faye Lehon Coyne, was born November 15 to Angeline (Boymer) Coyne and Brendan Coyne of Duxbury.

A daughter, Liberty Sterling Tappin, was born Nov. 13 to Melissa (Roberts) and Gregory Tappin of Waterville.

A girl, Brennley Marie Boardman, was born November 11 to Ariel Bachand and Ryan Boardman of Pomfret.

A boy, Jack Douglas Scott, was born November 6 to Gina Akley and Robin Scott of Barre.

A boy, Jackson Wayne Pratt, was born November 4 to Kora Hutchinson and Dylan Pratt of Randolph.

A son, Blake Thomas Turley, was born Nov. 1 to Chelsea (Hall) and Peter Turley of Montpelier.

A daughter, Harlynn Darlene-Anna Poor, was born Oct. 30 to Caitlin Douse and Rob Poor of Barre.

A boy, Hugh Eagle McGowan, was born October 30 to Martha Gold and Hugh McGowan of Warren.

A girl, Joule Loretta Dare, was born October 24 to Melissa Kempton and Troy Roscoe-Dare of Randolph.

A girl, Janet Elaine, was born October 27 to Alyssa Johnston and David Johnston of Middlesex.

A boy, Garth Robert Smith, was born October 19 to Mary Lake and Paul Smith of Tunbridge.

A girl, Arya Marie Dezan, was born October 17 to Syerra Dezan and Jordan Steckel-Frey of Randolph.

A daughter, Marie Maylin Marineau, was born Oct. 21 to Megan (Bisson) and Andrew Marineau of Montpelier.

A son, Tanner Alan White, was born Oct. 17 to Sara (Dodge) and Mark White of Middlesex.

A son, Logan Robert Boucher, was born Oct. 16 to Ali (Kosak) and Joel Boucher of Waterbury Center.

A son, Wyatt Frederick Grout, was born Oct. 16 to Meranda Smith and Michael Grout of Williamstown.

A boy, Vance Robert Densmore, was born October 10 to Brooke (Boule) Densmore and Robert Densmore  of Randolph.

A boy, Gauge Robert Gearwar, was born October 8 to Charlee Ellen Drury and Robert Michael Gearwar of Rochester.

A boy, Bryson Paul Campbell, was born October 5 to Jenni (Mongeur) Campbell and Paul Campbell of Tunbridge.

A son, Beau Giroux Escobedo, was born Oct. 5 to Blythe Giroux and Ernesto Escobedo of Montpelier.

A son, Lancer Lloyd McGuffin, was born Sept. 26 to Ashley Brown and Steven McGuffin of Rochester.

A son, Brayden Matthew Perry Barnett, was born Sept. 27 to Kristen Perry and Jordan Barnett of Waterbury.

A girl, Imogene Bea French, was born September 24 to Anne Brereton and Adam French of Berlin.

A girl, Theia Sue Howard, was born September 26 to Brianna Bowen and Adam Howard of Barre.

A girl, Kamryn Jaye Brummert, was born September 20 to Courtney (Haggett) Brummert and Justin Brummert of Barre.

A girl, Nora Lorraine Saldi, was born September 21 to Elizabeth Saldi of Marshfield.

A girl, Scarlett Stephanie Whalen, was born September 16, to Olivia (Drury) Whalen and Zak Whalen of Rochester.

A girl, Allison Marie Gokey, was born September 12 to Jessica (Whitney) Gokey and Aaron Gokey of Tunbridge.

A daughter, Peyton Grace Lafaille, was born Sept. 6 to Kellie (Henes) and Jeffrey Lafaille of Barre Town.

Twin girls, Luna Lee and Levi Marie Deyette, were born October 4 to Amanda Deyette of Braintree.

A daughter, Laura Ruth Mugford, was born Oct. 4 to Leah and Joshua Mugford of Barre Town.

A daughter, Paisleigh Elizabeth Slocum, was born Sept. 2 to Marisah Parkington and Thaddeus Slocum of Royalton.

A boy, William Robert Whitney, was born September 1 to Katie (Diego) Whitney and Alexander Whitney of Northfield Falls.

A boy, Ezekiel Elliot Burroughs, was born September 1 to Katie McGuire and Travis Burroughs of Williamstown.

A daughter, Sophia Grace Baril, was born Sept. 1 to Hilary (Savard) and Michael Baril of Marshfield.

A daughter, Bailee Rose Derosier, was born Sept. 1 to Ashley (Sanderson) and Alan Derosier of Randolph.

A daughter, Scarlett Jameson Riley, was born Sept. 1 to Jessica (Stewart) and Jason Riley of Washington.

A daughter, Amelia Catherine Holland, was born Aug. 30 to Kayla (Blanchard) and Devin Holland of Barre.

A boy, Leland Sion Moretz was born August 28 to Caroline (Bargerstock) Moretz and Derek Moretz of Roxbury.

A son, Logan James Allen, was born Aug. 27 to Darcy (Grenier) and Timothy Allen of Websterville.

A girl was born August 27 to Lindsey (Greene) Ingham and Thomas Ingham of Chelsea.

A boy, Ferren James Lengalla-Williams was born August 26 to Jesse Williams and Peter Langella of Moretown.

A daughter, Amelia Grace Gadue, was born Aug. 25 to Brittany Olson and Justin Gadue of Marshfield.

A son, Jaxon James Houston, was born Aug. 25 to Kathryn (Coffrin) and Jacob Houston of Barre.

A son, Paul Elliott Beede III, was born Aug. 25 to Geneva E. Milne and Paule Beede Jr. of Barre.

A daughter, Emma Rose Moyer, was born Aug. 24 to Brittney (Lafirira) and David Moyer of Barre.

A son, Patrick Robert Haldane, was born Aug. 23 to Kelsie Baldwin and Richard Haldane of Barre.

A son, Colton James Vaughn McNary, was born Aug. 8 to Elizabeth and Kyle McNary of Stowe.

A boy, Perseus Alexander Burke was born August 23 to Jennifer Vandenburg and Randy Burke of Cabot.

A daughter, Addison Mayo Cook, was born August 18 to Elizabeth (Alimi) and Andrew Cook of Waitsfield.

A daughter, Hannah Elizabeth Tease, was born Aug. 4 to Amy (Woodbury) and Justin Tease of Montpelier.

A daughter, Savannah May Carr, was born Aug. 11 to Diana Rowell and Billy Carr of Hardwick.

A daughter, Amelia Rose LaFrance, was born Aug. 12 to Amy (Trinanes) and Joshua LaFrance of Montpelier.

A son, Wesley Dylan, was born August 2, 2017 to Sarah Emmons and Ludwig Witham of Barre

A daughter, Ana Marie Blaisdell, was born August 3, 2017 to Katelyn Coleman and Nick Blaisdell of Braintree

A daughter, Gemma Violet Erwin, was born Aug. 1 to Mya Potts and Josh Erwin of Barre.

A son, Caden Arnold Clark, was born August 4, 2017 to Miriam Abu Shuraija Clark and Tarkin Clark of South Royalton

A son, Fletcher Allen Rizzo, was born August 4, 2017 ro Megan Shayton Rizzo and Scott Rizzo of East Corinth

A daughter, Emilia Jennifer Kelly-Wakefield, was born July 16 to Siobhan Kelly and Donald Wakefield of Randolph.

A son, Francis Rye Champion Plotsky, was born July 16 to Rita Champion and Andrew Plotsky of Bethel.

A son, Calvin James Martin, was born July 14 to Kasey Kathan and Skip Martin of Roxbury.

A son, Cedar James Fox, was born July 12 to Emily (Baer) Fox and Timothy Fox of Woodstock.

A son, Harrison Augustus Thibault Provoncha, was born July 13 to Kayla Thibault and Israel Provoncha of Tunbridge.

A son, Carson Alexander Cramer, was born July 7 to Kayla Therrien and Greg Cramer of Northfield.

A daughter, Erika Nicole Martin, was born July 9 to Kylie Duncanson and Patrick Martin Jr. of Northfield.

A son, Cameren Joseph Dopp, was born June 29 to Jennesta Garrett and Richard Dopp of Middlesex.

A son, Troy Robert Kent, was born July 5 to Danielle (Geno) and Adam Kent of Moretown.

A son, Wyatt Shaw Sulin, was born July 9 to Nielle Roselip and Steve Sulin of Stowe.

A son, Ezra Thomas Lowe, was born July 11 to Amanda Wilder and Ezra T. Lowe of Bethel.

A son, Cooper Scott Ryan, was born July 14 to Melody Davis and Mason Ryan of Waitsfield.

A daughter, Claire Louise Busha, was born July 3 to Jennifer Celley and Peter Busha of Brookfield.

A son, Oliver Matthew Barakat, was born June 30 to Nicole Lillie and Jake Barakat of Rochester.

A daughter, Kassandra Ruth Supan, was born June 27 to Karen and Brian Supan of Montpelier.

A son, Ira Boyd Smith, was born June 27 to Katelyn and Daniel Smith of Northfield.

A daughter, Catori Juelisa Rose, was born June 22 to Casey Moulton and Roy Rose III of South Barre.

A daughter, Abigail Morgan Feiler, was born June 18 to Alicia Feiler and Clayton Feiler of Barre City.

A son, Byron Alan Bennett, was born June 15 to Shari-Jo Perkins and Steve Alan Bennett Jr. of Williamstown.

A son, Abraham Upton Favorite, was born June 15 to Katherine (Stevens) and Thomas Favorite of Montpelier

A daughter, Annabelle Dawn Pecor, was born June 12 to Nicole Crum and Branden Pecor of Middlesex.

A son, Conner Robert Chapin, was born June 6 to Ashley Martin and Jeremy Chapin of Woodbury.

A daughter, Sophia May Beck, was born June 2 to Kimberly Welch and Chad Beck of Topsham.

A son, Bradley Shannon Cote, was born June 2 to Dakota Fox and Austin Cote of Washington.

A son, Reign Emery Griffith, was born June 1 to Logan Ferno and Skyler Griffith of Montpelier.

A daughter, Evelyn Rose Bower, was born May 30 to Heather Robitaille and Greg Bower of Stowe.

A son, Porter Donald Pierce, was born May 31 to Alyssa (Claflin) and Brett Pierce of Williamstown.

A son, Jackson Cooper Perry, was born May 24 to Chelsey (Dion) and Daniel Perry IV of Northfield.

A son, Isaac Thomas Harvey, was born May 25 to Tara (Goff) and Thomas Harvey of Plainfield.

A son, Ethan Robert Williams, was born May 23 to Sara (Dolan) and Rob Williams of Barre Town.

A daughter, Payton Elizabeth Chambers, was born May 7 to April St. Amour and Chris Chambers of Berlin.

A daughter, Rhys Lyn Laramie, was born May 9 to Courtney Lyn Estes and Jonathan Paul Laramie
of Barre Town.

A daughter, Eleanor Sophia Reynolds, was born May 11 to Lisa Reynolds and Shane Farnham of Waterbury Center.

A daughter, Riley E. Texeira, was born May 16 to Kyrstyna Lepper and David Texeira Sr. of Barre.

A daughter, Aria Jalyse Williams, was born May 17 to Lindsay (Flammer) and Charles Williams of Waterbury.

A daughter, Lydia Louise Richardson, was born May 18 to Hannah Tomeny and Robert Richardson of Williamstown.

A son, Thomas Vance Neddo, was born May 20 to Amber Bothfeld and Thomas Neddo of Marshfield.

A daughter, Aileen Marie Hogan, was born May 3 to Alisson Faith Mulligan and Stephen J. Hogan of Cabot.

A daughter, Sadie Louise Sheridan, was born May 5 to Michelle Wheeler and David Sheridan of Williamstown.

A daughter, Chloe Rose Daghlian Kaduru, was born April 23 to Elizabeth Daghlian and Dennis Kaduru of Montpelier.

A daughter, Carolynn Adelina Ruel, was born April 25 to Rachael (Matheson) and William Ruel of Northfield Falls.

A daughter, Bayleigh Elizabeth Grandfield, was born April 27 to Shelby Hough and Ryan Grandfield of Graniteville.

A daughter, Alice Marie Welch, was born April 19 to Chelsea Otis and Josh Welch of Williamstown.

A son, Tyrone John-Thomas Pinder III, was born April 18 to Rebecca O’Neill and Tyrone John-Thomas Pinder Jr. of Barre.

A daughter, Kaylee Marie Armstrong, was born April 17 to Chelsea Balch and Taylor Armstrong of Waitsfield.

A son, Jack David Winslow-Clark, was born April 15 to Tara Lyn Winslow and Tyler James Clark of Hardwick.

A daughter, Isabelle Grace McKnight, was born April 12 to Dontryell (Felder) and Albert McKnight of Barre City.

A daughter, Marley June Colgan, was born April 11 to Karen and Graham Colgan of Stowe.

A son, Jonathan Spear Whalen, was born March 26 to Ashley (Beauregard) and Tyler Whalen of Worcester.

A son, Liam Krishjan Hernandez, was born March 31 to Justice Donald and Gabriel Hernandez of Middlesex.

A boy, Henry George Pearson, was born March 13 to Mikaela (Ryan) and Ryan Pearson of Middlesex.

A boy, Zavior Allen Moreau, was born March 5 to Jaszmyn Kelty and Steven Moreau of Northfield Falls.

A girl, Lena Louise Duchaine, was born March 8 to Andrea Westcott and Scott Duchaine of Barre.

A boy, Nicholas James Venner, was born March 8 to Chelsie Spencer and Frederic Venner of Orange.

A girl, Olivia Marie Payne, was born Feb. 21 to Hilary (Dexter) and Nathan Payne of Williamstown.

A girl, Kaelyn Rianna Abreu, was born Feb. 26 to Sarah Dunbar of Barre.

A boy, Elliott Rogers Rutter, was born Feb. 15 to Melissa and Lawton Rutter of Roxbury.

A girl, Winry Evelyn Wiinikainen, was born Feb. 7 to Nicole Tessier and Colin Wiinikainen of Duxbury.

A girl, Alexus Rae Demers, was born Jan. 31 to Ashley (Buska) and Josh Demers of Middlesex.

A girl, Rowen Skye Dulac, was born Jan. 30 to Ashley (Metevier) and Ian Dulac of Waterbury.

A boy, Isaiah Michael Patterson, was born Jan. 30 to Traci Melkonian and Jordan Patterson of Barre.

A boy, Jesse Dennis Shangraw, was born Feb. 1 to Mallory (Backus) and Samuel Shangraw of Barre Town.

A girl, Emma Lynn Maxfield, was born Jan. 22 to Allison Dudley and Joshua Maxfield of Cabot.

A girl, Evelyn Thi Ly, was born Jan. 23 to Ashley Ibey and Khanh Ly of Plainfield.

A girl, Ivorie Mae Shedd, was born Jan. 20 to Kelsie (McCarthy) and Matthew Shedd of Barre Town (Graniteville).

A boy, Simeon Gene Fifield, was born Jan. 20 to Jessica (Nunn) and Jason Fifield of Groton.

A boy, Braxtynn William Booth, was born Jan. 6 to Kelsey Tillotson and Tyler Booth of Washington.

A boy, Jayden Gaston Cote-Wong, was born Jan. 8 to Elizabeth (Bevins) and Jason Cote-Wong of East Montpelier.

A boy, Jacob Sterlilng Jancaitis, was born Jan. 8 to Jacqueline (Stohl) and Gregory Jancaitis of Barre Town.

A girl, Hailee Grace Waggoner, was born Jan. 8 to Savannah Ensminger and Dean Waggoner of Barre.

A boy, Izayiah Michal Thomas, was born Jan. 10 to Michelle Powers and James Thomas of Barre.

A boy was born Jan. 11 to Paige (Smith) and Tyson Chownard of Barre.

A girl, Marlo Rae Ballenger, was born Jan. 12 to Danielle and David Ballenger of Barre Town.

Twins! Justin Jameson Asher Case and Althea B Case, were born on December 16 to Kayle Case (Shepherd) and Justin Case-Brinkley from Waterbury.

A girl, Brynie Marie Ruggles, was born on December 16 to Alexis Maxwell and John Ruggles of W. Topsham.

A boy, Amsden Charles Tabor, was born on December 19 to Lindsay Grant and Jon Tabor of Woodsville, NH.

A girl, Freya Mairi Rowe Clark, was born on December 20 to Ashley Clark (Creighton) and Kyle Clark of Berlin.

A boy, Parker John Morey, was born on December 20 to Maureen Morey (Driscoll) and Richard Morey of Barre City.

A boy, Sutter Willem Miles, was born on December 28 to Cepi and Matthew Miles of Northfield.
A girl, Analia May Giacherio-Stearns, was born on November 23 to Jessica Giacherio and Sean Stearns of Barre.

A boy, Landon James Green, was born on December 5 to Deborah “Janette” and Kris Green of Orange.

A boy, Finley Joseph Covey, was born on December 5 to Samantha Muzzey and Christopher Covey of Williamstown.
A girl, Ann Avis Rode, was born on December 6 to Marie and Daniel Rode of Randolph.

A girl, Cyleigh Christina Kelley, was born on December 6 to Erica Lumbra and Matthew Kelley of Barre.

A girl, Emory Eileen Corneille, was born on December 9 to Jenna and Scott Corneille of Williamstown.

A girl, Matilda Wren DeVerna, was born on December 14 to Rebecca DeVerna (Coleman) and Peter DeVerna of Williamstown.

A girl, Mayla Light Alexander, was born on November 15 to Ashley Alexander (Wood) and Aaron Alexander of Woodbury.

A girl, Layla Belle Canton, was born on November 16 to
Chloe Labbe-Thibouthot and Kyle Canton of Waterbury.

A girl, Taylor Lyn Welch, was born on November 21 to Katie Bylow and Travis Welch of Barre Town.

A girl, Kelsie Grave Davis, was born on November 22 to Elizabeth Audet and James Davis of Johnson.

A girl, Zoe Amelia Roy, was born on November 22 to Mya Richards and Todd Roy of Williamstown.

A boy, Elliott Gregory Churchill, was born on December 2 to Andrea Churchill (Houghton) and Martin Churchill.

A girl, Addison Mae Schonder, was born on October 17, 2016 to Jennifer Schonder (Yacavoni) and Robert Schonder of Waitsfield.

A girl, Abigail Taylor Hand, was born on October 18, 2016 to Megan and Tom Hand of Stowe.

A girl, Amara J. Alden, was born on October 20, 2016 to Amanda and Trevor Alden of East Calais.

A girl, Epiphany Rose Pearl, was born on October 26, 2016 to Juanita Advincula Pearl and Brian Dale Pearl of Montpelier.

A boy, Kainen Justin Roberts, was born on October 28, 2016 to Danielle Roberts (Kelty) and Tyler Roberts of Barre.

A girl, Sydney Autumn Eggleston, was born on October 30, 2016 to Erika Eggleston (Adams) and Willis Eggleston of Topsham.

A boy, Arlo Llewellyn Blodgett, was born on November 7, 2016 to Carrie Blodgett (Sisson) and Derrick Blodgett of Barre.

A boy, John Lyle Miller, was born on November 8, 2016 to Robin Miller (McDonald) and Robert Miller of Washington.

A boy, Adrian Peter Holbrook, was born on November 10, 2016 to Renee and Justin Holbrook of Barre.

A girl, Sophie Lorraine Purchase, was born on November 11, 2016 to Melissa Purchase (Martin) and David Purchase of East Montpelier.

A boy, Elijah Henri Thongs, was born on November 12, 2016 to Sierra Thongs (Wells) and Russel Thongs of Plainfield.

A boy, Bodhi Kenneth-Merton Reilly, was born on October 11, 2016 to Billi Quittner and Lee Reilly of Barre.

A boy, Waylon Paul Mercier, was born on October 1, 2016 to Amanda (LaCasse) Mercier and Daniel Mercier of Barre.

A girl, Harriet Austin Earle, was born on October 4, 2016 to Sarah Lomas and John Chandler Earle of West Berlin.

A girl, Jordyn Danielle Wright, was born on October 7, 2016 to Amanda (Hickory) Wright and Brooke Wright of Calais.

A boy, Nicholas Joseph Maxton, Jr. was born on October 7, 2016 to Marina Martinez and Nicholas Joseph Maxton, Sr. of Morrisville.

A girl, Emilia Marie Egizi, was born on September 30, 2016 to Jessica (Cosmo) Egizi and Anthony Egizi of Berlin.A girl, Rose Mary Douglas, was born on August 22, 2016 to Anastasia (Frederick) Douglas and David Douglas of Barre.

A boy, Jason Riot Peake, was born on September 7, 2016 to Shawna (Russell) Peake and Timothy Peake of Barre.

A girl, Ainsley Jo Cadorette, was born on September 8, 2016 to Heather (Patoine) Cadorette and Barry Cadorette of Hardwick.

A boy, Jonah Matthew Sobotka, was born on September 9, 2016 to Chelsie Perry of Waterbury.

A boy, Kye Hill Renfrew-Ralph, was born on September 19, 2016 to Arin Renfrew and Michael Ralph of Washington.

A girl, Nora June Champney, was born on September 6, 2016 to Annie Johnson and Jordan Champney of Hancock.

A boy, Carson Ray Ayer, was born on August 27, 2016 to Clara (Hall) Ayer and Dana Ayer of Berlin.

A boy, Harrison Gary Ritzer, was born on August 28, 2016 to Deirdra (Diehl) Ritzer and Matthew Ritzer of Northfield.

A girl, Brightlynn Camille Prive, was born on August 7, 2016 to Nina Lemieux and Stephen C. Prive of Barre.

A girl, Marney Savannah Lucey, was born on August 8, 2016 to Mercedes Byrd and Michael Lucey Jr.

A girl, Josephine Rosemary Leeper, was born on August 15, 2016 to Elizabeth (Dodd) Leeper and Brett Leeper of Montpelier.

A girl, Carsyn Elizabeth Lance, was born on August 20, 2016 to Jessica (Wheeler) Lance and Keith Lance of Barre Town.

A boy, Cayden-James William Weston, was born on August 5, 2016 to Danielle Machon and James Weston of Barre.

A girl, Evelyn Rae Martin, was born on August 2, 2016 to Helen Warren and Raymond Martin of Graniteville.

A boy, Colton John Tassie, was born on July 29, 2016 to Cidney (Garand) Tassie and Joshua Tassie of Barre.

A boy, Josiah Daniel Bair, was born on July 13, 2016 to Leila (Gray) Bair and Daniel Bair of East Montpelier.

A girl, Mackenzie Lynn Perry, was born on July 16, 2016 to Vanessa (Bach) Perry and Keith Perry of Barre Town.

A boy, Greysen Bentley Atkinson, was born on July 19, 2016 to Angela Atkinson of Worcester.

A boy, Franklin Roy Maxham, was born on July 19, 2016 to Marah Grout and Michael Maxham of Williamstown.

A girl, Juliana Sarah Colby, was born on July 22, 2016 to Rachel (Thomas) Colby and Chris Colby of Barre Town.

A girl, Charlotte Grace-Kireina Dill, was born on July 1, 2016 to Erin (Keane) Dill and Michael Dill of Montpelier.

A boy, Maverick Steel LaVanway, was born on July 8, 2016 to Meghan (Wilder) LaVanway and Jay LaVanway of Duxbury.

A boy, Maxwell Scott Perry, was born on July 8, 2016 to Elaine Douglass and Nolan Perry of Northfield.

A boy, Carson David Larrabee, was born on July 9, 2016 to Crystal Banevicius and David Larrabee of Barre.

A boy, Daegan Nathan Donald Morris, was born on June 20, 2016 to Crystal Hebert and Chris Morris of Barre.

A boy, Kobe Kruz Sevigny, was born on June 20, 2016 to Nicole (Dezotelle) Sevigny and Michael Sevigny of East Montpelier.

A boy, Justin Robert Ellis, was born on June 21, 2016 to Brittany (Busby) Ellis and Justin Ellis of Barre.

A girl, Cobie Ella Minor, was born on June 22, 2016 to Stephanie (Sayers) Minor and Chris Minor of East Montpelier.

A boy, Christopher Francis Marcellino, was born on June 24, 2016 to Melissa (Koehler) Marcellino and Josh Marcellino of Waterbury.

A girl, Everest McKinley Tappin, was born on June 15, 2016 to Melissa (Roberts) Tappin and Greg Tappin of Waterville.

A boy, Paxton Irven Cote, was born on June 17, 2016 to Elizabeth Cote and Marshall Cote of Barre.

A boy, Jayce William Huskes, was born on June 17, 2016 to Alicia (Rubalcasa) Huskes and Daniel Huskes of Barre Town.

A girl, Lilliana Evelyn Hart, was born on June 7, 2016 to Tori (Eckler) Hart and John Hart of Randolph.

A girl, Avery Skye Gaskin, was born on June 8, 2016 to Shannon Simms and Dennis Gaskin of Montpelier.

A girl, Amelia Rose Knipp, was born on May 29, 2016 to Jennifer (Boudreault) Knipp and Colt Knipp of Randolph.

A girl, Lilliana Evelyn Hart, was born on June 7, 2016 to Tori (Eckler) Hart and John Hart of Randolph.

A girl, Avery Skye Gaskin, was born on June 8, 2016 to Shannon Simms and Dennis Gaskin of Montpelier.

A girl, Amelia Rose Knipp, was born on May 29, 2016 to Jennifer (Boudreault) Knipp and Colt Knipp of Randolph.

A girl, Emma Jacqueline Adams, was born on May 21, 2016 to Karen (Carver) Adams and Andrew Adams of Cabot.

A boy, Mason Andrew Huntington, was born on May 20, 2016 to Shannon (Jalonen) Huntington and Mark Huntington of East Barre.

A boy, Jacob Andrew Lackey, was born on May 20, 2016 to Samantha Marceau and Jeffrey Lackey of Barre Town.

A boy, Merrick Allen Clough, was born on May 19, 2016 to Ashley (Fisk) Clough and Edward Clough of West Berlin.

A girl, Kara May Demers, was born on May 18, 2016 to Chelsea (Otis) Demers and Nathan Demers of Woodbury.

A boy, Calvin Phineas Beebe, was born on May 17, 2016 to Elizabeth (Hollis) Beebe and Joel Beebe of East Montpelier.

A boy, Cameryn Michael Olden, was born on May 17, 2016 to Bryanna Morrill and Joshua Olden of Northfield.

A boy, Alan Frederick Root, was born on May 16, 2016 to Kathleen (Richardson) Root and Matthew Root of Montpelier.

A boy, Killian Welch Cicio, was born on May 14, 2016 to Monica (Welch) Cicio and Cameron Cicio of Barre Town.

A boy, Odin Arthur Edson, was born on May 13, 2016 to Heather (Munzberg) Edson and Thomas Edson of East Montpelier.

A girl, Sicily Lilith May, was born on May 11, 2016 to Pauline (Johnson) May and John May of Barre.

A girl, Mia Leticia DeJesus, was born on May 10, 2016 to Heather Young and Jame DeJesus Jr. of Barre.

A boy, Camden Neil Delphia, was born on May 1, 2016 to Taylor Fitzgerald and Dave Delphia of Barre.

A boy, Levi William Grant, was born on May 1, 2016 to Chelsea Emmons and Paul Grant III of Barre City.

A boy, Camden Victor Phelps, was born on May 3, 2016 to Laurie (Hannigan) Phelps and Nathan Phelps of Barre.

A girl, Faith Ellen Braman, was born on May 4, 2016 to Nichole Roux and Lucas Braman of Middlesex.

A girl, Cora Mae Guazzoni, was born on May 4, 2016 to Amanda (Paulger) Guazzoni and Tyler Guazzoni of Barre.

A boy, Augustus Beck Bravakis, was born on May 5, 2016 to Jenna (Kidney) Bravakis and Alex Bravakis of Montpelier.

A boy, Levi Kenneth Lambert, was born on April 26, 2016 to Jennifer (Clark) Lambert and Jesse Lambert of Washington.

A boy, Ryland James Ladd, was born on April 17, 2016 to Nicole (Longchamp) Ladd and Evan Ladd of Orange.

A boy, Joshua Rudy Merced Jr., was born on April 17, 2016 to Gizelle Perez and Joshua Merced of Barre.

A girl, Aurelia Marilyn Lamthi, was born on April 20, 2016 to Paige (Gherardi) Lamthi and Eduart Lamthi of Barre.

A girl, Emma Mae Folsom, was born on April 21, 2016 to Kristina (Henderson) Folsom and Grant Folsom of Barre.

A girl, Grace Roy, was born on April 22, 2016 to Meaghan (Lynch) Roy and Richard Roy of East Montpelier.

A girl, Lily Hope Thompson, was born on April 22, 2016 to Samantha Campbell and Shawn Thompson of Duxbury.

A girl, Maisy Lyn Kingzett, was born on April 23, 2016 to Stefanie (Poloian) Kingzett and Timothy Kingzett of East Barre.

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