September 16th, 2019


Berlin Pond Does NOT Belong to All Vermonters



It is my belief, I may be wrong, that Berlin Pond is located in Berlin and as such it belongs to the town and of course the state and the people who pay taxes for its maintenance. I was not aware that all 600,000 (maybe more or less) Vermonters paid taxes to Berlin for the care of the “pond” which is the source of life-giving water to the residents of Montpelier and other areas that it supports.

Oooh it’s wonderful the “privilege” which allows Montpelier and its taxpayers to fund/find and to build alternative water sources. Of course all those who want recreation access will gladly pay for this “privilege.” Just what percentage of recreation/boaters use this source of water as opposed to the percentage that use it for life-giving maintenance?

I’ve read the horror stories of zebra mussels and algae that have been carried, although unintentional, to a clean environment. Where is common sense? Further I do not understand why one would want chemically treated water if natural sources were available. But why add more chemicals to our already overloaded systems and who wants synthetic when natural is available?

Jean Theobald


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