August 20th, 2019

Barre City Supports Minimum Wage Increase


Many thanks to the 228 citizens of Barre who responded to the Town Meeting Questionnaire. Barre supported increasing the minimum wage, labelling GMO foods, and cell service and broadband.

Congratulations to Barre City on your significant progress!


Comments are as follows:



“The drug issue needs to be dealt with. In a small state like Vermont, we should be able to live our lives without fear about our home being broken into, our own personal safety and our cars being broken into, etc. Even having to spend our own money on security systems on our homes is getting ridiculous. We need to take Vermont back from the criminals and drug dealers.”


Costs of Living

“Costs of living and maintaining a home is out of reach for a substantial amount of residents. A sizeable amount of people in Vermont are still not making $10.00 per hour. They cannot afford to live alone, pay rent, car payment, insurance (car, health and life), upkeep of apartment or home, heat, lights, phone, food and medicine.”


Civilian Conservation Corps

“We need a program like the former Civilian Conservation Corps. Have parolees picked up at their apartments and do municipal road jobs and maintenance work.”



“We need employment opportunities large and small. It seems most emphasis now is on the corporate side of things. What about the poor who could work and would work if they could find something that could support their family?”


Minimum Wage

“Increasing the minimum wage to $15.00 will cost lots of jobs, drive small employers out of business and reduce services to customers.”


Leaving Vermont

“I have lived in Vermont since 1988. I’m prepared to sell and move south this summer. Costs are ridiculous. I have lived in Vermont for over 40 years. Vermont has been good to me, but by 2017 I plan to be in Florida.”



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