September 18th, 2019


Aldrich Director, Library Deserve Credit

Thank you for your regular coverage of the activities and offerings of the Aldrich Public Library. As a financial and volunteer supporter of the Aldrich, I appreciate how it is a community center, welcome center for visitors, and a safe place to visit for young and disadvantaged people. The staff is skilled, compassionate, and equipped to handle both technical library requests and the occasional over-loud teenager.

Not surprisingly, library membership is up and use of the internet-connected computers is up 34 percent. Two months ago I helped a young woman with some learning challenges prepare a job resume on one of the Aldrich public computers. A week later, she had a full-time job and is well on her way to increased personal and financial independence. She is a Barre success story and the Aldrich played an important part.

As young Vermonters strive to become independent of the social welfare system, they need to know that they can rely on people and institutions for appropriate help. The Aldrich — and indeed all well-functioning public libraries — are an invaluable resource in getting Vermont back to prosperity. Kudos to Aldrich director Sarah Costa, and all Town and City boards and residents who support this vital institution.

Guy Page
Berlin, VT

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