August 24th, 2019

A Wonderful Diversity

Shuman Zoe

Our family is a very diverse one. I suppose, these days, with all the traveling people do, and with our society’s total absorption into social media, and because of other factors I don’t even realize are happening, most families are more diverse than they might have been years ago. “We are,” in many respects, not only “what we eat,” as they used to say, but also what we experience, and who we experience, these days more than ever before.

My family’s diversity is a wonderful one, and I feel totally blessed by the various backgrounds, views, and heritages of the people in my life. Our family shares one faith, in the one true God, and in His Son, but even in some points that relate to that faith I and some of my own children differ.

Another diversity that makes our family what it is, is our ethnic diversity, which is probably what you thought I wanted to talk about today. If you did think that, you would be right, at least partially. We are blessed, through marriages and adoptions, with a wonderful ‘blend,’ if you will, of many of the talents and beauty of the diverse people of our world. Lorna and I have biological children who look somewhat like us, adopted children who do not, grandchildren of mixed race and others who are not who look somewhat like their own parents, and two grandkids who are of Chinese heritage. Our family is truly blessed, with, and because of, all of these wonderful and diverse people.

One reason you would only be partially right if you thought I wanted to talk about ethnic diversity today, is because my main reason for beginning this column is because of two deeper subjects, in my view. Those are the subjects of love, and of adoption. And here is where things get a bit mystical, misty-eyed, and wondrous for me. Firstly, I need to say that if you and your spouse both want to adopt a child, and can do it, I have a very short piece of experience-born advice, which is this: If you want to adopt, if you need to adopt, if you yearn to adopt… do it. Period. Don’t wait for the perfect time, or the perfect home, or the perfect financial situation, because none of those will ever come. I have made many mistakes in my lifetime, but adopting children, twice, was not among those mistakes. I remember the night, over twenty years ago, as my wife and I lay in bed, talking about the baby boy whom we had never met, but who would soon join our family, thinking and saying to Lorna, “It’s so strange. I love that baby, already.” Lorna’s reply was that she, of course, did too. And that love for him and for the then not even conceived infant girl who would, two years later, also be adopted and become his sister, has only grown, every single day since that night. How amazing is that?

About a week ago, on a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon, our family and our friends gathered for a surprise ‘adoption shower’ for our daughter, Chrissy, her husband Adam, and their kids, in celebration and anticipation of the soon arrival of our newest grandchild. Actually, as you read this paper, you can be a part of that celebration if you would say a prayer for them, or think of them. Right now, the week of this publication, they will be on their way to China, to meet that precious child for the very first time. It is true that she will not arrive into our family in what once was the ‘usual’ way, but will join us, forever, when she arrives in our country. She will add much to the beauty and diversity of our ever-growing family, and we are very excited to meet her! Just as parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents love a child even before birth, you guessed it, we all love Zoe, already.


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