June 20th, 2019

A Solution to Our City’s Most Pressing Needs

To The Editor,

I am writing in support of the proposed parking garage and hotel in downtown Montpelier. This thoughtfully crafted proposal offers a solution to our city’s most pressing needs.

The new garage will bring much-needed relief to the current parking nightmare, without compromising Montpelier’s reputation as a walkable city.

The net increase of 160 parking spaces will ensure that more residents and visitors can access our downtown and frequent our local businesses. And as a centralized parking structure, individuals and families can avoid driving in circles to find open street parking, alleviating much of the traffic caused on Main and State street today.

With a new hotel, Montpelier could serve as a tourism hub of central Vermont. Increased overnight capacity means more Vermont visitors could spend their nights in our city, providing a boost to our restaurants and stores, before venturing into our neighboring towns the next day for hiking, mountain biking, skiing and other activities that draw people to our wonderful area of the state.

A new hotel and garage would be a win for Montpelier residents as well. Between the new tax revenue from the hotel, and the indirect economic impacts, the new hotel and garage will increase our City’s grand list and lower the property tax burden on families. With a larger tax base, we can continue to support our strong school system while potentially providing tax savings to residents.

Beyond the economic impacts, the proposed development offers aesthetic improvements to Montpelier. The new hotel and parking garage will fill the existing open parking lot and provide a much-needed face lift to our city that resident and visitors can enjoy as they enter from Memorial Drive.

As a resident of the Montpelier, I ask others to join me in voting to approve the bond on election day on November 6th.

Brad Watson

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