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Supportive Energy Policy Shines Spotlight on Rural America

By Cody Smith, policy writing assistant, Center for Rural Affairs As renewable energy continues to bring prosperity to states with supportive policies, rural communities are in the spotlight. Solar and wind energy projects create new jobs and tax revenue in communities that host them, helping them become more independent and resilient. One of the m...

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 Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Now on Demand ***   I am a criminal. I have broken the law more times than I can remember. And not just when I drove 70 mph on I89. When I was in my 20s, I went on a date with a mature-looking 19 year old. At the restaurant, I was able to buy her a martini without any problem. I was breaking the law, right? I know the restaurant certainly was. Arou...

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Winter’s End

By G.E. Shuman The snow is still falling in this world of white and ice And temps are quite low, which always makes things nice For fuel bills to soar as high as an eagle While wild winds howl like a lovesick beagle. * (*Sorry… had to rhyme with eagle.)   It’s difficult to live where it simply keeps snowing Sometimes until May, when the long j...

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AG Donovan Speaks to Montpelier Rotary Club

Special to THE WORLD: From the Vermont Rotary Club Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan, now in his second term, told the Montpelier Rotary Club at their weekly meeting Monday March 11 that his best qualification for the job was his experience growing up in Burlington’s South End was working at a local market, the likes of which no longer exists. “I...

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World Record Attempt for Veteran Suicide Prevention

Donations Will Go to Josh Pallotta Fund Friday, March 22 at 6 am – Saturday, March 23 at 6 am Sgt. Jason Mozel is a Marine veteran who is attempting a Guiness Book World Record. He will be attempting 5000 burpees in a 12 hour period at Snap Fitness in Berlin, VT. The current record is 4,556. Mozel’s personal record is 3000! He would like to s...

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The Leniency Shown to Paul Manafort Should Be the Norm for Everyone — Not Just Rich White Men

By Udi Ofer Last week, Americans got a front row seat to the two systems of justice we have in America, one reserved for rich white men and the other for communities of color. Unfortunately, though, many people may have drawn the wrong lessons from these examples. On Thursday, Paul Manafort, a white man, got a 47-month sentence for massive tax and...

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Leaving Neverland

*** “Many people are skeptical about the marriage of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Pressley. They say that Lisa Marie is more of a sit at home type, while Michael Jackson is more a homosexual pedophile.”   -Norm MacDonald, on Saturday Night Live 1994   “The family that accused Michael Jackson of molesting their child are just in it for the money.”...

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Take our survey!

  GIVE US 10 MINUTES AND WE’LL GIVE YOU A BETTER WORLD! Take our survey and enter a drawing to win a $100 GIFT CARD* https://www.research.net/r/170031  ...

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