February 16th, 2019

Monthly Archives: February 2019

My Engagement Story

Dear Readers, Please allow me to introduce a good friend and fellow English teacher and writer. Her words here express the spirit of Valentine’s Day better than I ever could. I hope that they might inspire you to do something special, something spectacular for the one you love, in this special season of love. G. E. Shuman My Engagement Story By Amb...

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The Montpelier Public Parking and Hotel

To the Editor, Have you ever been downtown and seen State Street with no cars on it? We have a beautiful and quaint downtown that tourists from all over this country and the world readily relay to us as they order a cup of tea or a glass of wine or have their computer looked at. Now imagine that many of our residents had a way to get downtown witho...

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Montpelier Named One of the 50 Most Charming Small Towns in America

The Travel Channel has named Montpelier one of the 50 “Most Charming Small Towns in America.” The Travel Channel citing the thriving arts and music scene, rich history, natural beauty, fine restaurants, and access to outdoor recreational opportunities. The popular travel and leisure channel selected one town from each of the 50 states for its “50 o...

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Making Time for Family

By Vermont Governor Phil Scott and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Last month, we introduced a bi-state family and medical leave insurance program – the Twin State Paid Family Leave plan – that would build a public-private partnership to provide access to paid family and medical leave for all residents of the Granite and Green Mountain states....

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A Sea of Plastic

Now on Netflix A Sea of Plastic: **1/2 I don’t think like a mainstream environmentalist. I view humanity’s responsibility to the planet very much like my responsibility to the apartment complex where I live. My cats scratch the carpet, they vomit on the carpet, and they even rub their butts across it sometimes. I do not feel like I’m a bad tenant....

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Getting on the Right Track

To the Editor, It is sad that the Governor in his budget speech, that despite all the dire predictions about global heating and what it is going to mean for us in coming decades, still refuses to do anything significant about addressing the issue. Electric cars are not by themselves the answer. I drive an all-electric Leaf but I fully appreciate th...

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Nominated for Best Picture

Vice:***1/2 I have an easy question for you: Who is the worst living Republican president? Your gut instinct is telling some of you to say Trump. I am a pacifist, though, so the decision is easy for me. President Trump recently decided to pull all US troops out of Syria, infuriating the Republican establishment. You remember the troops in Syria, ri...

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