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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Capstone Corner

The first Selling Club craft sale held in the Conference Room at Capstone Community Action in Barre in September. Capstone Community Action recently started a new project for local craftspeople, called the Selling Club. Local craftspeople from the area came together to show off their crafts and sell some, too. The artists included: Linda Hebert wit...

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Guest Opinion: Balance is the Key to Economic Vitality

By Betsy Bishop Despite the reported rancor around the budget in the 2018 legislative session, the Vermont Chamber had a very successful year, proving that the Republican Administration and the Democratic leaders of the Legislature can work together for the betterment of Vermont’s economy. It’s important that our elected leaders continue to find pr...

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AARP Scam Alert 

Are You Oversharing? It seems that everyone overshares on social media sites these days. But sharers beware! Scammers have become increasingly smart and sneaky, using information people share online to find targets for their next scams. For example, if you share photos and status updates about your vacation out of the country, scammers may use this...

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Support the Vermont Parent Child Center Network

Dear Editor: As Co Executive Director at the Family Center of Washington County, the Parent Child Center for Central Vermont, I wanted to write in support of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network. I passionately believe in the promise of every child and family reaching their full potential and making sure they have the right supports to help them...

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Kitchen Trash

By G. E. Shuman Around my house I’m the one who takes out the garbage. It’s just always been that way. At one time I tried to get that to be one of my kids’ jobs, but somehow it never got done on time or when it got full or something else happened that made me give up on the kids’ chore idea. Ever since, I have just done it when it needs to be done...

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Hearts Beat Loud: ***1/2

It is not easy to maintain a relationship with your adult relatives. First off, there are money issues. If you lent your relative money and now you don’t like him so much and he is ducking you, that’s a bummer and things may never get better. Second, you can easily grow apart. If you don’t actively find interests and activities to share with your p...

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GunSense Vermont Endorses More Than 80 Legislative Candidates for Re-election

By GunSense Veront Gun Sense Vermont announced its endorsement of 84 Vermont legislative candidates today. These candidates courageously supported gun safety legislation that will help keep guns out of the wrong hands, save lives, and keep Vermonters safer. These endorsed candidates are part of GunSense Vermont’s #profilesincourage campaign, an eff...

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