August 20th, 2019

Monthly Archives: August 2018

Superstars, Long-term Contracts, and the Uniqueness of Baseball

Modern sports are built on the foundation of superstars. Even if you don’t watch the NBA, you know that Lebron James will play for the Lakers next year. And you can bank on the fact that Los Angeles will be in the Western Conference finals against Golden State. Even if you don’t watch the NFL, you know that Tom Brady is going to dominate in 2018 un...

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Paintings & Pianos, at the Adamant Music School, You’ll Find Both

By Katie Moritz It’s late afternoon and the verdant gardens surrounding the Adamant Music School radiate that classic wet smell often associated with summer camp. But instead of bird songs, the air is punctuated with piano. Multiple pianos, in fact. That’s because students from all over are practicing in the small cabins peppered throughout the cam...

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