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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Pope Francis: A Man of His Word:**1/2

In this hyper-partisan era, people on both sides are way too eager to embrace a celebrity who seems to share their opinion about the President. It was understandable that people on the Right wanted to watch the Rosanne reboot. It was the first time that a scripted TV show presented Trump supporters as regular, sympathetic Americans. But Conservativ...

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Guest Opinion: Think VT’s Wildlife Policies Are Formed in the Best Interest of Wildlife and the general public? Think Again

By Brenna Galdenzi, President, Protect Our Wildlife Both Governor Phil Scott, and the Fish & Wildlife Commissioner who was appointed by Scott, did not support the ban on coyote killing contests, even though Scott let the bill pass without actively signing it. Killing contests and the year-round​,​ open killing season on coyotes are not based in...

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Gifford Nurse Effie Farnham Retires After 51 Years of Service

Longtime Gifford Health Care Nurse Effie Farnham, whose career spans 51 years, retired in mid-May. Her friends, family, and colleagues will send her off with best wishes at a retirement party Thursday, June 7, marking the beginning of the next chapter in Effie’s community-minded life. “From her colleagues to her many patients, the Gifford community...

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Just Like Riding a Bike? Onion River Outdoors Is Ready to Roll

By Katie Moritz In 1890, naturalist John Muir wrote in his journal “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” For Onion River Outdoors, a gear and bike shop growing out of a community that had once thrived within and around Onion River Sports, this is literally true. In December 2017, the iconic Onion River Sports, which h...

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VOTE FOR VERMONT: Put the Children and the Taxpayers of the State First

Many of the Vote for Vermont shows have focused on high property taxes, quality education and Vermont’s stagnant economy. I recently wrote an op-ed as President of the Board of Directors of Campaign for Vermont and Co-producer/host of Vote for Vermont. The purpose of the Op-ed was to get the Legislature and the Administration to focus on fixing edu...

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He Wants to Spend Money We Don’t Have

To the Editor, As a man of high principles, Governor Scott vowed that there would be no new taxes and no new fees. We presumed these principles included sound fiscal management, not spending money we don’t have and a good bit of Yankee common sense. We also supposed he had a sound plan to balance the budget while building our economy and protecting...

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Solo, a Star Wars Story: ***

When Walt Disney Corporation paid George Lucas $4 billion for the rights to Star Wars, I thought that it had a simple plan. I thought the company was going to produce Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, sell some toys and lunchboxes, and try to make a modest profit on its investment. That was stupid of me. Somewhere, Mickey Mouse is laughing so hard that h...

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My Fellow Vermonters

Dear Editor, According to the chief education bureaucrat in Montpelier, Phil Scott, in 1997, there were 104,000 students in Vermont’s preK-12 schools. Today, Vermont has 75,000 students. That number is predicted to fall to 69,000 in the next five years, and fall again to 65,000 by 2030. 1997 was the year ACT 60, Vermont’s statewide education proper...

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