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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Guest Opinion: Vermont House Working on Changes

Guest Opinion: Vermont House Working on Changes to Education Funding with Proposal to Lower Homestead Property Taxes By Representative Janet Ancel (D-Calais) Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee Vermont has a unique system of funding education. We can be proud of the fact that it is progressive and that it meets the requirements of the Ver...

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Nominated For Best Picture, Phantom Thread:****

One of the most perverse and unnecessary spectacles in our society is when a woman is put on trial for killing her husband and then carted off to prison. I am not defending murderers, but I don’t understand the point of locking away women like this for the rest of their lives. There are times when that Lady Justice statue needs to take off her blin...

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The Future of Healthcare in Vermont

Dear Editor, My name is Genevieve Mertens. I am registered nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center, a part of the nurse’s union, and member of the Vermont Workers Center. I recently attended the public hearing on access to healthcare at the Statehouse on Tuesday January 23. Fifty-one people shared their personal healthcare stories and mos...

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Let’s Get Serious About Health Care

Dear Editor: “Is universal health care feasible?” That’s a popular theoretical debate in our country and state. Opponents trot out well worn fears, from economic catastrophe to complete destruction of individual responsibility. They relay anecdotes about unmet needs, painting pictures of dead bodies piling up like trash after an outdoor concert. Wh...

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Guest Opinion: Accountability In Montpelier

By Justin Turcotte Voters, we are all responsible for our government. 4 years ago you honored me by permitting me to have an active role an elected official. We are fortunate to have engaged and dedicated residents, staff, and elected officials. Before I ran for office, I was surprised to learn how our beloved City had been functioning. For the fir...

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Empty Words

Dear Editor: Governor Scott has signed H.511, making Vermont the first state, by legislative process, to legalize pot for recreational use. On July 1, it will be permissible to possess 1 ounce of pot and store an unlimited quantity harvested from 2 mature plants. If the Governor’s oft expressed requirement that children must be protected in situati...

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