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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Second Hand Smoke and the Power of Collective Brainwashing

We have an ugly habit of judging people of the past as dumber, simpler, or more gullible than us. We look, for example, at people of the 17th Century who burned witches and we shake our heads. “How could they be so worked up about a threat that doesn’t even exist?” we ask ourselves. We are in no position to judge. Humanity has a problem. I call it...

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International Investing: Still a Journey to Consider

Dear Editor, Columbus Day is observed on October 9. And while it may be true that Leif Erikson and the Vikings beat Columbus to the New World, Columbus Day nonetheless remains important in the public eye, signifying themes such as exploration and discovery. As an investor, you don’t have to “cross the ocean blue,” as Columbus did, to find opportuni...

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Reiss’s Pieces

Do you remember when you were young and you and your friends gathered together and played every single day in your neighbor’s yard or if you were lucky and lived on a dead end street, in the street! And what was most amazing wasn’t that every child for miles around showed up and played together. Nope, it was that the kids decided what game they wer...

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Letting go of the wheel: Why consumers should trust self-driving cars

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