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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Local Meals on Wheels Program in Need of Support

Editor, The City Hotel Café, formerly known as The Galley located in Washington Apartments, has been feeding elders and adults with disabilities in our community for over twenty years. Apparently, The City Hotel Cafe has been a well kept secret! It’s time for us to get the word out about this true gem in our community. We would like you to join us...

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Fresh Air Fund Sends Gratitude to Northeast Kingdom Volunteers

Editor, The Fresh Air Fund looks forward to celebrating National Volunteer Week every year. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our inspiring volunteers, hosts and supporters in the Northeast Kingdom. Their continued dedication to our New York City children is exemplary, and truly embodies the spirit of National Volunteer Week, which i...

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Reiss’s Pieces

By Judy Reiss For those of you who follow this column, please note that I appear to be back! Not only am I back, I couldn’t be much better! And of course, since I have been away, I have watched just about everything! And here is what I have learned that is news not only interesting it is important for all of us to know and remember. Do you know how...

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Gardening with Amanda: Low Maintenance Perennials for Beginners

By Amanda Legare Gardeners who are just starting out with perennials often think it will be an easy solution to landscaping. It is not that simple. Some perennials are lovely for a few years and then fade away. Others are self-seeding maniacs or invasive garden thugs and crowd out neighboring plants in no time. Some are pretty when blooming, which...

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Max’s View

Peter and the Farm *** A Montpelier lobbyist once told me that if you want to convince a Vermonter of your side, hire a farmer to present your argument. Vermonters trust farmers above all others. There’s something weird about that. Seemingly, the only thing separating a farmer from you or me is that he has a terrible, terrible job. Two hundred year...

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Out & About: Vermont Moose Numbers Not So Simple

By Darren Marcy The Vermont moose herd has fallen on some hard times in recent years. A herd that was once pushing 5,000 animals is now estimated to have fallen to about 1,750. Based on what has been written and what people are saying about the current state of Vermont’s moose herd, it’s clear there are some misconceptions about how bad the situati...

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Every Month Should be Child Abuse Prevention Month

Editor, Every month is child abuse prevention month! Although Governor Scott and governors throughout the United States take time to proclaim April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, there are children in need of nurturing and protection every day of every month. And we all have a role to play. If you know a parent who is stressed and could use a break...

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Guest Opinion: Low Cost Local Food – Pile Your Plate with Vermont Food on a Budget

By Rachel Carter Communications Director, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund Vermonters enjoy local food and beverages in a variety of waysŃgrowing or foraging their own, purchasing directly from a farmer or at the store, hunting or fishing, eating at schools and institutions serving local food, finding food from a community food shelf or the Vermont Fo...

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