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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Another December

By G. E. Shuman December, here in the North, is all about snow, cold, and Christmas, for most people. By the first of this month we have just finished off the last of the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, (thankfully,) and are bracing for winter. Some are not bracing, but embracing the idea of a ‘white Christmas’. I don’t understand those people. Chri...

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Max’s View

Creed **** On “South Park,” there are new characters this season called ‘Memberberries.” ‘Memberberries are little talking grapes that sit on the vine all day, reminiscing gleefully about the things that they remember from their youth. “’member Captain Kirk?” “‘member Chewbacca?” “Ooh, I remember!” People eat the ‘Memberberries and become addicted...

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Reiss’s Pieces

By Judy Reiss For me, pets only mean three things. And the three are, of course, dogs, cats and birds. And if you wonder why, it is because those are the three type of pets that we have had over the years. Of course I am not counting the Guinea pigs or other such rodents because they were always at our house for a very short time. I know that some...

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Guest Opinion: A Record of Fiscal Responsibility

By Governor Peter Shumlin One of the key responsibilities of governing is crafting a budget that reflects Vermonters’ priorities and lives within our means as a state. As we transition this important responsibility to the incoming Administration, it’s worth reviewing the last six years of financial management. Let’s remember where we started. Befor...

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Buzzell-Turner Engagement

John and Rolanda Turner of Montpelier, Vermont announce the engagement of their son, David to Lindsay Buzzell, daughter of Karen and Kenneth Buzzell of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. David, a 2001 graduate of Montpelier High School, graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.A. in Psychology in 2005 and from Washington University in St. Louis with...

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Statement by Sen. Bill Doyle

For the last 48 years, it has been my great privilege to serve the residents of the State of Vermont as one of the State Senators from Washington County. I worked closely with seven governors and hundreds of fellow legislators as we tried as best we could to steer our government to meet the ever changing needs of Vermonters and the state we love. O...

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