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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Max’s View

Amanda Knox **** We in the Western World have an amazing criminal justice system. We have police detectives who use science to catch the true perpetrator. We have district attorneys who care about nothing but putting hardened criminals safely behind bars. And we have a watchdog media that tirelessly ensures that the truth comes out. The criminal ju...

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Reiss’s Pieces

By Judy Reiss This past summer, when I was at the Cape, I realized that I needed to buy some compression stockings because my ankles were swelling. Good Lord I thought, growing old hasn’t been kind to me and now I have to wear really old lady stockings! What could be nicer than thick, black and very tight stockings? So I went to the biggest drug st...

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Thoughts of November

By G. E. Shuman Today I’d like to think about what I think, about the month of November. To me, November is a sort of unexciting month, in many ways. Here in the North it is gray, most days, and that grayness is amplified by the fact that the leaves are off the trees, and all that gray bark on all those naked trees is showing through, all across ou...

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Veterans Day

Editor, Veterans Day is a day that we thank every veteran, past and present, for their unwavering service to our grateful country. Let us all remember that if it was not for their dedication, we would not have the rights and freedoms their sacrifices afford us all. We live in the greatest nation in the world because of their commitment to duty, hon...

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Should Fish & Wildlife Board only be Advisory?

Editor, A petition to expand trapping seasons on bobcats and otters has sparked the attention of Vermonters statewide. It is apparent that the Fish & Wildlife Board fails to acknowledge the views of those who oppose an extension to trapping seasons.Ę The board is lacking representation by unbiased people. The chairman of the board is quoted as...

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