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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Where’s the Magic?

  There’s no magic in something that always works. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous, and maybe even unappreciative, but it’s true, at least to some people of my generation. Or, maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way. I don’t know. So, for some of you, who have grown up in a society where ‘stuff’ just usually does what it’s supposed to d...

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Reiss’s Pieces

  Is it spring yet? Or even the beginning of summer? I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of winter or whatever pretends to be winter/spring. I am ready for a nice, warm day that has lots of sun. And I am not the only one, my animals are looking for a nice day also. So, we all can only hope. Most of you who read this column know that...

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Ayn Rand: The Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged ***1/2

  There is a nonstop political battle between conservatives and liberals and many people are tired of taking sides. According to this movie, an increasing number of people are embracing an exciting third way: the philosophy of Ayn Rand. “Ayn Rand: The Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged” isn’t a documentary about the writer. It’s about the meaning, imp...

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East Montpelier Supports Minimum Wage Increase

  Many thanks to the 138 citizens of East Montpelier who participated in the Town Meeting Survey. This was the largest return ever! East Montpelier supported a minimum wage increase, cell and broadband service, and prohibiting cell phones while driving. Comments and results are as follows.   Cell Phones “Please! Ban cell phones while driv...

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How to diversify your retirement portfolio in ways you might not have imagined

Many investors are taking more control of their financial future by investing in alternatives to the stock market including real estate, land, promissory notes, oil and gas. Sue Jensen of New York grew frustrated after watching her life savings take a hit year after year in the stock market. A couple of years ago, after another year of less-than-de...

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Small changes can help you live a healthier lifestyle

A new year often brings with it the desire to make improvements in your life, and kick old habits to the curb in the pursuit of healthiness. But for most Americans, resolutions fail within the first few months because goals are too ambitious, intimidating or unrealistic in nature. If you’ve resolved to be healthier this year, the good news is...

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Chic chalet: Give your kitchen a mountain makeover

Your kitchen doesn’t need a Matterhorn vista to stay on top of the latest “chalet chic” design trend. It’s easier than you think to get this style by mixing rustic pieces with modern touches. “Exposed structural elements work well when paired against something that’s more delicate,” says David Bourke, archi...

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Caring for spring and summer skin

Dry skin can be a challenge at any time of year, even as spring and summer increase the humidity in the air. As the largest organ of the body, the skin should be well cared for and protected. If dry skin is neglected, it can become red, flaky and itchy. Dry skin patches can develop into a more serious inflammation called dermatitis; and once the pr...

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