December 20th, 2014


Tips for creating a greener outdoor living space

Outdoor living spaces remain a popular home improvement, but while you’re planning your patio or prepping your planting beds do you consider the impact these improvements might have on the environment? Creating a great outdoor space can be even more satisfying when you take steps to make your project as “green” as possible. If you...

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Popular remodeling trends for spring home improvement

It’s time to think spring which means fresh home updates. Spring home improvement projects will help you update your home, add comfort and save more of your hard-earned paycheck. “You can save time, money and stress by planning ahead,” says Kathy Krafka Harkema, Pella Windows and Doors expert. “Seek out expert advice, resear...

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Style and sustainability: Two ways to really raise the roof

While green is increasingly a factor in today’s roofing choices, having the ability to choose from a wide variety of colors in sustainable roofing is also a point of great satisfaction for discerning homeowners. One roofing manufacturer, InSpire Roofing, of The Tapco Group, takes the combination of style and sustainability to new heights, off...

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Why greener schools can make a difference in kids’ lives

As awareness about the environment continues to grow, it’s becoming more apparent that “going green” not only benefits the planet – it benefits the entire population, especially its youngest segment. When children learn in safe, comfortable, toxin-free school environments, their futures are that much brighter. “Green s...

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Go green and save on heating with pellets

We’ve all been bombarded with the buzzwords: eco-friendly, renewable, green, sustainable  – the list goes on. We turn off the lights, recycle and even swing by the local farmers market, but what else can we do? Are there any other practical solutions to help our environment? Maybe some that don’t require solar panels or spend...

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‘Green’ ideas for winter-white weddings

You’re ready to say your “I do’s” in front of your family and friends. Planning a memorable celebration of your commitment to each other, however, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your commitment to the environment. It’s possible to create the wedding of your dreams and stay “green,” even in the...

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Tips for a sustainable school year

Many of us are trying to live more sustainable lifestyles by wasting less, recycling more, and purchasing products made with recycled materials. What about our kids at school? Does back-to-school shopping – which doesn’t really end when the kids are back to school – offer an opportunity to teach our kids a thing or two about susta...

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Driving green for dummies: It’s easier and cheaper than you think

Green driving is easier and more important than many people think. It’s important because, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, highway vehicles account for 28 percent (1.5 billion tons) of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions each year. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a new car or dramatically change your lifestyle to...

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Plumbing primer: The most important system behind your home’s drywall

Do you know what’s behind the drywall in your home? Unless you’ve ever had a home custom-built or have personally worked in construction, you might be unaware of the vital systems hidden within the walls of your home. But knowing how those systems work can help you make smart, money-saving decisions when building or renovating. Typicall...

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