July 31st, 2015


Taye Diggs joins the fight against childhood hunger with breakfast program

Studies show and experts agree: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a good night’s rest without eating, kids’ brains and bodies are ready to refuel. Breakfast can help kick-start a child’s metabolism, energy and focus for learning according to a report published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. So it...

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How classroom technology can benefit your child’s education

Historically, the term “digital divide” has referred to the gap in technology levels between developing and first world countries; however, it’s truly the divide between the more affluent and the underprivileged. While the divide has a worldwide reach, it’s important to remember that the gap is growing in America, too. Impro...

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Year in review: The art of visual journalism in 2012

We live in a visual age, consuming thousands of images every day via a range of devices that allow us to access the Internet and its vast resources quickly and easily. Just as with virtually every other aspect of our lives, journalism has also evolved to keep pace with our increasingly visual world. “The future of journalism has changed forev...

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Dual-enrollment programs jump-start students’ careers

In today’s globally competitive economy, a college degree is increasingly becoming a critical factor in attaining career success. Yet, as of October 2011, only 68 percent of the year’s high school graduates had enrolled in a college or university, even though the national unemployment rate of high school graduates is nearly twice as hig...

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The keys to early learning: good nutrition and good books

Growing evidence from nutritionists and literacy experts suggests access to good nutrition and good books are the building blocks to early learning. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, lack of enough nutritious food impairs a child’s ability to concentrate and perform well in school. Children who have not developed some basic lit...

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Are bad habits slowing your family down? Simple steps can make you more efficient

Almost everyone has a habit they wish they could break, and with the kids back in school, there’s no better time than now to identify and break routines that could be slowing your family down. It’s hard to break an established routine. But, according to Bing lifestyle expert Lisa Gurry, simple steps to put better habits in place can hel...

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Policy in practice: How nurses are leading the health care change

– Health care is experiencing dramatic changes as provisions outlined in the Affordable Care Act go into effect. As the largest professional group within the health care workforce, nurses are uniquely positioned to facilitate the successful translation of critical health care policy into practice. Nurse leaders with the expertise to help shap...

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High school students take nursing careers for a test drive

Rachel Trevino always aspired to become a nurse. As a senior at a Chicago high school, she enrolled in the Navigate to Nursing (N2N) scholarship program, a dual enrollment program offered through Chamberlain College of Nursing. The program allowed Trevino to better understand the demands of college courses while contemplating her own future career....

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‘Modern Family’s’ Julie Bowen shares personal family story of living with life-threatening allergies

Pop quiz! Do you know what a peanut butter sandwich in the cafeteria, a latex glove in the science lab and a bumblebee on the playground all have in common? For some students, an encounter with any of these items could cause a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). Anaphylaxis has many possible triggers, can occur quickly, without warnin...

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