May 24th, 2016


A boy, Killian Welch Cicio, was born on May 14, 2016 to Monica (Welch) Cicio and Cameron Cicio of Barre Town.

A boy, Odin Arthur Edson, was born on May 13, 2016 to Heather (Munzberg) Edson and Thomas Edson of East Montpelier.

A girl, Sicily Lilith May, was born on May 11, 2016 to Pauline (Johnson) May and John May of Barre.

A girl, Mia Leticia DeJesus, was born on May 10, 2016 to Heather Young and Jame DeJesus Jr. of Barre.

A boy, Camden Neil Delphia, was born on May 1, 2016 to Taylor Fitzgerald and Dave Delphia of Barre.

A boy, Levi William Grant, was born on May 1, 2016 to Chelsea Emmons and Paul Grant III of Barre City.

A boy, Camden Victor Phelps, was born on May 3, 2016 to Laurie (Hannigan) Phelps and Nathan Phelps of Barre.

A girl, Faith Ellen Braman, was born on May 4, 2016 to Nichole Roux and Lucas Braman of Middlesex.

A girl, Cora Mae Guazzoni, was born on May 4, 2016 to Amanda (Paulger) Guazzoni and Tyler Guazzoni of Barre.

A boy, Augustus Beck Bravakis, was born on May 5, 2016 to Jenna (Kidney) Bravakis and Alex Bravakis of Montpelier.

A boy, Levi Kenneth Lambert, was born on April 26, 2016 to Jennifer (Clark) Lambert and Jesse Lambert of Washington.

A boy, Ryland James Ladd, was born on April 17, 2016 to Nicole (Longchamp) Ladd and Evan Ladd of Orange.

A boy, Joshua Rudy Merced Jr., was born on April 17, 2016 to Gizelle Perez and Joshua Merced of Barre.

A girl, Aurelia Marilyn Lamthi, was born on April 20, 2016 to Paige (Gherardi) Lamthi and Eduart Lamthi of Barre.

A girl, Emma Mae Folsom, was born on April 21, 2016 to Kristina (Henderson) Folsom and Grant Folsom of Barre.

A girl, Grace Roy, was born on April 22, 2016 to Meaghan (Lynch) Roy and Richard Roy of East Montpelier.

A girl, Lily Hope Thompson, was born on April 22, 2016 to Samantha Campbell and Shawn Thompson of Duxbury.

A girl, Maisy Lyn Kingzett, was born on April 23, 2016 to Stefanie (Poloian) Kingzett and Timothy Kingzett of East Barre.

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